It felt like a lump of coal was stuck in my throat,
I tried to breathe, and failed.
All the efforts seem worthless.

Tears rose to my eyes,
I let them balance on the edge of my eye before they fell,
in little streams down my cheeks.

So I laid there,with a million things to do,
doing noting,
barely being able to breathe.
Tears continued to stream down my face
and breathing became increasingly difficult.

Giving up seemed like a joyous opportunity,
just letting go.
In anticipation I could almost feel
the weight being lifted off my chest,
my muscles relaxing and my eyes closing.

Even though unlikely,
giving up seemed so close and attainable,
I suddenly saw the benefits of the unthinkable.

I felt my eyes closing as I calmed down,
almost being able to breathe again
I put my hand on my pillow,
next to my head and drifted off to sleep.