Love is the thing that keeps my heart beating,

even though you will never love me the same way.

Love is the times you laid your head on my shoulder,

unknowing to how the butterflies flew.

Love is the long walks through the park,

gazing at you wistfully.

Love is what makes me stand up for you;

wipe your tears and make it all right.

Love is what I tell myself every day

that I don't feel for you,

even though I'm lying to myself.

Love is what you excitedly tell me you feel for him,

but I can't hear anything but the looming voice of rejection.

Love is the kiss he gives you: your first, the one that should've been mine.

Love is the times he playfully tickles your neck,

and I have to to watch,

a painful ache in my heart.

Love is way the way you look at him,

radiant smile, beautiful green eyes that sparkle warmly with adoration.

Love is way you forgave him after every fight, every argument,

even if he was in the wrong.

Love is the way he smiles at you,

his love clearly reflected in your eyes.

Love is the way you shouted, 'YES!'

when he appeared in front of you with a box that would change your life.

Love is way you happily said your vows,

not noticing your best friend miserable at the side.

Love is when you came to me one day,

excitedly clutching your tummy and hardly noticing my forced smile, my blank stare.

Love is the emotion I know I will never feel again.

It hurts too much.


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