We wish

Our time was now


We know

It's not.


For when we run through the fields and forests,

the mountain does not get any closer.

We're swimming, faster and faster

towards the surface.

But we never reach it.

We can't reach it.

We can take one step up or three steps down

but still we do not move.

We're stuck.

The harder we hammer on the geode

the thicker the shell gets,

blocking us from reaching the diamonds.

We know we will never reach the crystalline reward.


This may be sad.

We may be sad,



and stressed.

We're anxious

and lonely,

but still we press on.

We're starving yet we can




We're walking on eggshells

and sinking in quicksand.


The bottomless pit has hands for walls

grabbing you for their consumption.

We're falling,

yet we never reach the ground.


We wish we would reach the ground.

Because then

the pain

would be over.

We would get to stop trying,

stop pushing so hard.

When we try,

when we push,

when we put our entire heart,

our entire soul

into anything,

we are



with failure.


We try so hard to change it,

change this god rotten world into



different than it is.

But we can't.

We never will.

We have lost everything.

We can't try anymore.

Author's note: this will have a sort-of sequel coming shortly.