This is just a random story that I came up with. Sooo hope you enjoy!

Deals With Devils:

So! It was the night of the dance! Ava came over to pick out dresses and put on makeup. I was never a makeup person so I didn't use much. I went to a public school in Houston, Texas and have had one main friend ever sense First grade, Ava. It was also convenient that we lived in the same neighborhood so she came over allot.

My mom called us down once we were ready. Neither of us had dates because all of the boys in our grade were idiots, and neither of us had a taste for that. We got in my moms car and began to drive to school. We were going to the Junior dance for my school and I could care less if I stayed for the whole time, but my mom made me go and said it was a "socialising experience." So I had to go but it was better with Ava because she was always there and always had my back.

I sat down at one of the tables with Ava and took out my phone before my science teacher came up to me and confiscated my phone. "Your supposed to DANCE!" he said to me. So I got up and he ignored Ava. After he left I went to the table to sit back down again. The music was so loud that I could barely hear it when Ava said, "Lets go to the other side of the gym!" Ava had to yell it so that I could hear. "Its quieter over there!"

We both got up and watched as everyone else was dancing with their boyfriends. Ava was right, it was quieter. We began to talk about random stuff and boys and what we dream of. The gym background became a flaming red from which I at first thought was the disco ball but then I looked over and saw the gym on fire.