part 1

chapter 1

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!". Crap, who could be calling at 12:00 in the morning?! I

looked at my phone, and answered "there had better be a really good reason for

you to be waking me up in the middle of the night, Joe.". You're gonna like

this al." he said "there's this party at lexwood, you need to get over

here.". I sat up and sighed "you woke me up, in the middle of the night-and

you know that is a damn stupid thing to do- just for a party?". "Dude, i know

you like your sleep," he said "but you need to get your ass over here, cause

i did NOT know that Pentatonix was gonna be here!". "How much have you

drank?" i said. " 3 but That isn't the point! Just get your head out of you

butt and get it over here!". "You are lucky you're my friend, otherwise

I'd have shot you already." i closed the phone and got dressed. Why does he

always do this to me? I grabbed my keys and went to the address riley texted

me. As soon as i got inside, i was swarmed. I heard a mixture of surprises

and happy birthdays as i was dragged inside. "Oh, so this is the real reason

for him calling me." i thought. Funny, i could have sworn that i told him

that he'd get punched if he ever did this again. I looked around and saw

Joe laughing in the back. Suddenly all the light in the room cut off, and a

single spotlight shined on me. "Hey, we'd like to give a shout out to Alex

Rhett, who's birthday just happens to be today, let's all wish him a happy

birthday, today he is 29!" i turned around. It turns out he wasn't lying about

Pentatonix being here. They all cheered. Avi Kaplan spoke again "how about

you come up here and sing a few songs with us Alex?". I tried walking away,

but the crowd had different plans as they lifted me up over their heads and

carried me to the stage. "Let's see, what song would you like to sing with us

first Alex?" Scott asked. "Well, i really did like love again." i said. "Ok,

just sing whatever part you want and we'll sing with you, ok?" said Mitch.

They counted from 3 and we started singing. I guess no one expected me to

take the baseline, avi's eyes widened as i matched him perfectly. When the

song ended, everyone cheered. "Wow man," Kevin said "its not every day we

find someone who can match Avi with that, not bad man!". I laughed "you

really want to see me match someone lets have the next song be rather be.".

Everyone cheered as we started singing. They all looked at me because they

saw that i wasn't singing. Suddenly i started beat boxing and they all started

screaming. When the song ended, even Pentatonix was clapping. "Wow man, you

can beat box too? You're just full of surprises!" avi was laughing. After that

we sang a couple more songs before i had enough. When i got off the stage, i

couldn't see Joe anywhere so i decided to look for him so that i could give

him that punch that i promised. After 10 minutes of looking i still couldn't

find him, so i just sat down. It was then, that a guy ran up to me. "Yo Alex,

your friend just started a fight with some guy and it looks like he's gonna

end up in the hospital!" he led me to a corner of the room where i could see

Joe circling a guy his eyes filled with hatred. "You aren't good enough to be

his friend!" Joe growled as he tried to tackle the guy, but the guy just

stepped out of the way, as Joe barreled past. "Whoa whoa, Joe stop!" i

grabbed Joe before he could attack the guy again. I turned to the guy who

took me here. "Thanks. Any clue how many he had?". "About 30 before i came to

get you." he said. "DAMN! He had that many!?" i asked "I'm glad you found

me!". "He always did get himself in trouble didn't he?" the guy Joe attacked

turned towards me. "Hey, I'm so sorry about this, he usually doesn't do this-"

i started before i saw his face. "LIAM!?" i was dumbstruck. "Been a long time

little bro." he started to laugh. "Oh my gosh the last time you picked up your

phone, was 10 years ago!" i said. "Well, you never know when someone else

might be listening." he laughed. "Yep that's Liam alright. Please tell me you

weren't involved in all this?" i said. "Nope that was all Joey over here." he

said "also you never told me you could sing, let alone beat box. You never

tell me anything!". "Well you're never around for me to tell you." i laughed

"besides you know that i never did trust anyone, least of all Joe here.".

"You need to find yourself a girl mate. While you're still gorgeous." he said.

"Oh come on don't start that with me." i said. "Ah don't kid yourself mate,

even if i wasn't gay I'd turn gay just to be with you!" he laughed.

"AHAAHAAHAA, very funny." i said sarcastically. "You know, i know several

fine looking ladies who would love to meet you," he said "come on, next

Saturday I'll be at the mall 4:00. At least Come meet them. It'll be great!".

"Oh crap, no, not the match making again, please, i know you're my friend and

all, but you know i hate that!" i said. "Oh come off it!" he laughed "if i

don't you'll never find yourself a girl!". "It isn't happening." i said. "I

should've known you would be this way." he sighed "once an introvert, always

one i guess. Well, can't blame a guy for trying, eh?". "I don't know how Joe

managed to get me out here tonight. speaking of which, i had better be

getting him home. " Here," i gave him my number. "Text me if you think of a

better way to lure me into a date.". He laughed "will do. See ya later

mate.". After that i dragged Joe off to the car. By that time he was out

cold. When we got to his place, i carried him to the door and knocked. His

girlfriend opened the door and immediately let us in. When i got in i set him

on the couch. "What happened!?" she asked. "30 beers is what happened." i

said as we sat down. "Holy hell, what did he do?" she looked horrified. "Oh

nothing much, he tried to pick a fight, but he was so drunk, he couldn't land

a punch." i said "luckily the guy was Liam. He saw that Joe was drunk off

his rear and didn't try to fight him.". She laughed "looks like Joe had quite

the night. How did he manage to get you there?". "He managed to get

Pentatonix there." i laughed "soon as i was in, i couldn't get out.". She

laughed "i figured it must have been something like that.". "Yeah they all

dragged me onto the stage and i sang and beat boxed with Pentatonix. When i

finally left the stage Joe was fighting Liam. We talked for a while and i

dragged Joe home.". "I didn't know he could drink that much!" she said. I

laughed "no-one can drink that much. 30 beers, and these were them tall cans

too so that was probably almost 4 gallons he drank, all in the span of around

15 minutes! He is probably gonna be comatose for a few days.". "Oh great."

she sighed "he's gonna probably need a bed pan isn't he?". I sighed "well, i

think i had better get going, it's been a long night for me if you know what i

mean. I had better get going to bed.". She laughed and gave me a kiss on the

cheek "yes i bet it was! You go on now. Thanks for bringing Joe home safe.".

I fluttered my eyes "aww shucks, i wouldn't be able to hurt someone like that,

how would i live with myself?". She sighed "Liam was right.". My foot was out

the door "in what way?". "You need to get yourself a girl, mate.". I laughed

"goodnight, Edith." and with that i closed the door.

I laughed inwardly As i walked to the car. Now she is thinking that too.