i woke up suddenly to the sound of quiet breathing. when i looked to my right, i saw that Zoey was in my bed with me. "wow," i thought "just how much did i drink?!". suddenly, i felt her arm wrapping around me, as she muttered in her sleep. i felt my heart beat quicken, as i wrapped my arm around her and went back to sleep.

the next morning, i woke up to her shaking me awake. "sorry to wake you, but do you have any Tylenol?" she whispered with her hand on her forehead. i chuckled as i felt a heavy throb between my eyes "if you're willing to wait a few minutes, i have something that's even better than Tylenol.". "ok, but make it fast, i hate hangovers.". i laughed as i got up and went to the kitchen. "so what is this miracle that's better than Tylenol?" she rushed to close the curtains over the sink. "just a home made hangover cure." i started mixing different things "i call it the serial hangover killer. i'm guessing you can figure out why i call it that.". she sighed "does it work fast?". i laughed "yeah, you can say that. takes about 2 minutes, give or take.". she looked at me "if you're joking, i ain't finding it funny.". i laughed and handed her a glass of "serial hangover killer". she gulped it down, but within a few seconds, she gagged. "what the hell is in that?!''. i drank mine and said "a lot of really nasty stuff that i only use for this.". we waited a few minutes, and sure enough, she laughed "wow, that is like, the martial arts champion of all hangover remedies!". i laughed "yeah, i'll have to introduce you to my friend Joe. he's the one who taught me how to make this stuff.". she sighed in relief "well, looks like i owe him a big old hug.". i laughed "oh, he doesn't like people owing him anything, but i'm willing to bet he'll accept that.". she perked up "that reminds me, you owe me a kiss!". i flinched "oh no, i forgot about that.". she snickered, closing her eyes "time to pay up!". i laughed, as i walked over to her and pecked her cheek. she gasped "that wasn't the agreement! you gotta give me a REAL kiss, on the lips!". i sighed, and slowly placed my lips on hers. i was surprised at how soft and warm her lips were. it was surprisingly pleasant, as we kissed. after about ten seconds, i slowly backed away. she shivered "wow, Ryan wasn't lying when he said you were a hell of a kiss!". i felt my face turn red as a tomato "oh, please don't tell me he told you about that?". she laughed "wow, you should see your face, i guess that tomatoes are now pale!". i sighed, and grabbed the cups and rinsed them in the sink. "i guess i am gonna have to have a talk with him. we were supposed to keep that a secret.". she walked up behind me "well, at least he prepared me for it, otherwise, i would probably still be sitting in that chair, stunned.". i laughed "well, people seem to like my kisses, so i'm not surprised.". she laughed as i started drying. suddenly i saw her raise her watch and yelp. "what is it?" i asked, as i put the cups in the cupboard. "IT'S 10:30!" she yelped. i laughed "i think we have enough time for you to take a quick shower and get dressed, i'll get ready to go while you're in the shower.". she rushed down the hall to her room, and ran out a few seconds later with an outfit, towards the bathroom. "wow." i thought as i changed in my room "she is just too cute.". when i finished, i got my shoes on, and went to the living room to wait. 5 minutes later, she was in the living room, with her hair in an intricate braid over her shoulder. we walked out to the car, and i started it as soon as we were in. "i just have one question," i said as i turned out of the drive way "how the heck did you do that to your hair, in such a short time?!". she laughed "a little bit of pixie dust works wonders.".

when we got to the address she said, i saw that it was a large bank. we walked in, and went to the desk. "hi," Zoey said "i'm here for a job interview at 11:00?". the clerk looked up "Zoey Becket?". she nodded, and the clerk smiled "if you would wait in the lobby, the manager will be here in a few minutes.". "thank you." Zoey said, and we walked over to the bench in the lobby. "wow, will you just look at this place!" she said, looking up at the ceiling. the inside of the bank truly gorgeous. i looked around, the walls were pure marble, with ornate pillars every 20 feet. the ceiling was truly a wonder to behold though, decorated with what looked like ornate silver tree branches reaching out across the ceiling. "this place is like an architect's dream." i agreed. a few minutes later, we saw the manager walking briskly towards us. when he arrived next to us, we stood up, and he shook our hands. "you must be Zoey?" he asked "i am Angelo Baldwin, i am the manager here.". Zoey smiled "nice to meet you sir, from what i saw online, i will be very happy to work here.". "good," he said "if you would come with me, we can start the interview in my office.". and with that, she kissed me on the cheek, and he led her away, towards the back of the bank. i sat back down, and waited for her to return. half an hour later, i saw her walking towards me with the manager next to her. i stood up "how did it go?". the manager smiled "she is approved. also, i forgot to ask, when can you start working?". "next week." she smiled. "good," he shook our hands again "it was great to met you , i will be seeing Zoey at 8:00 sharp, on Monday.". ''thank you, you have a good day, sir." said Zoey. "you too." he said. then i piped up "you first.". Mr. Baldwin roared with laughter "my, my, Alex, you always were able to make an old man laugh.". "oh, don't kid yourself" said Alex "you're 60 years old, and yet you still look like you're in your 30's!". the manager laughed "how is it that no girl has managed to snatch you up yet?!". "actually..." Zoey started, and Mr. Baldwin's face filled with surprise. "don't tell me, you finally 'got yourself a lady'?!". Alex laughed "well, it might be looking that way, yes.". the manager actually looked excited "my girl, hold onto him, and don't you let him go.". i laughed "i plan to, sir.". suddenly the desk clerk came over and whispered something in his ear. "i apologize, but i have some matters to attend to. you two have a good time." and with that, he walked off. as we walked out, Zoey asked "so, you two know each other?". i laughed "yeah, i somehow managed to take down 5 armed robbers, back when i was 19, that's when we met. he is the one who paid for me to attend the police academy downtown.". "wow," she said "he is really generous!". i laughed "well, the way he saw it, he owed me, so, even my silver tongue couldn't talk him out of it.". she laughed as i opened the door for her. "yeah, i'll bet. men like that do not take it lightly when they owe someone.". "yeah, i found that out the hard way when i was 19." i laughed as i started the car.