IYARKAIYUM MANIDHAMUM (இயற்கையும் மனிதமும்) is a collection of Tamil poems that represents the natural beauty. He has shared the wonders of nature and also how nature has the power to destroy man's technological growth.

People don't care about the green lands and easily escape the situation by saying "It is for technological improvement." All the grassland is destroyed and turned into roads. Anyone who describes the importance of nature does not have the time or patience to listen and understand. When you hear about global warming, you just stay feel anguish and then forget and move on without giving it a priority.

Only on the National highway, trees can make your trip a pleasant ride. People ought to remember that only green trees around your house can give you clean air to breathe. After the natural destruction, you cannot buy it.

Only you can save the nature! Try to plant trees just as far as possible so that your descendants can have a peaceful and healthy life. Life is perfect when nature mingles with a human. Enjoy life with nature!

I love nature and I am in love with the green earth which I admire in my golden life journey. I have insisted on social awareness of nature to protect. I have shared my happy moments during travel to love and ride my bike.