Hello, my name is Joshua Ross and I am a sixteen year-old white teenage boy who was born in Washington DC and I am very athletic as well since I take part in running practises in order to keep my speed up, but, of course, I don't brag about it.

Besides, bragging is not exactly the sort of thing that I really expect myself to do and it is definitely not in my nature to brag, although, I do get over-confident sometimes and I am a bit of shy person as well especially when talking to girls too.

Anyways, I'm the guy who loves wearing anything to do with jogging whether that would be wearing jogging bottoms or jogging t-shirt, anything of the sort, which kind of shows just how much I love to do jog and it is a pretty good exercise to do.

The clothes that I wear whenever I am not jogging is a red hoodie and dark blue jeans, black fingerless gloves and a red baseball cap since I love those type of hats and they are the sort of hats that I would rather wear at anytime in my life.

But right now, I am wearing my usual jogging clothing which includes, dark grey jogging bottoms and a black jogging t-shirt as well as a blue sweater along with some gloves that are a mixture of both brown and grey that I usually wear whenever I am jogging.

It was a cold day here in Washington not only in terms of the weather, but, also because of the atmosphere of the past few weeks, especially, with the trial of the famous cop, Alex Cross, someone that I saw as a idol and as a role model since he is the guy that I would trust with my life.

Unfortunely, he has been in a bad situation over the last few weeks since he was put on trial for the two murders and an attempted murder of some crazed lunatics that is the so-called Soneji followers, the type of people that worship a evil criminal called Gary Soneji, when they are the ones that should really be put on trial.

The entire trial was shocking as well as stupid, I mean, how could the prosecution believe that a honest and humble man like Alex Cross is a trigger-happy cop who thinks that he is above the law and thinks can go around on the streets with a gun whenever he wants.

Luckily though, Alex was freed of all charges and I was one of those that cheered in happiness at the announcement since I always believed that he is innocent and that the people were always looking for a scape-goat to be used as proof of cops killing innocent people.

But then, some days or so later, I heard on the news that Alex Cross had successfully rescued the blonde women who's disappearance had set off an chain of events that all led to this very moment and I couldn't be more happier for him as well as the rescued blonde women.

Today though, I am at an abandoned athletics track which I often use to train myself in running, although, I am running in an ongoing athletics club which proved to be very useful and the club is usually on a Saturday every week which gives me a chance to prepare myself.

When I was on my way there, though, I had saw a sixteen year-old African-American teenage girl driving in a car to another athletics club and I was immediately stunned by the beauty of the teenage African-American girl that was driving the car and I didn't even know what car it is.

Her dark brown skin was as smooth as cream and her eyes were absolutely mesmerizing as they sparkled, but, I had to quickly move along and keep my head down since the girl had noticed me looking at her and I will admit that it was a creepy thing to do which resulted in me mentally face-palming myself.

But now, I have just put down the bag that I had been carrying to this abandoned track and I got out my water in case that I needed to have a drink when I am having a break from all of the running which is bound to cause a lot of sweat and I needed to be prepared for it.

Once that was done, I got myself onto the track and I put myself into the inside lane with the inside lane giving you the chance to not put as much pressure into your running as the other lanes which are all on the outside and those lane are bound to give you a run for your money.

I did the usual kneeling down on the ground like the professionals like Usain Bolt and Jessica Ennis-Hill down when they are about to run and I put both of my hands on the ground a few metres away from the rest of my body as I prepared myself to run.

Soon enough, I brought my legs and back up before I began running down the lane as fast as I could possibly can and I continued to run, until, I had finally reached the end part of the track and I crossed the line before slowly down as I began to make my way to my bag in order to have a drink.

Hello everyone. Here is the first chapter for my rewrite story. Also, I will not be using any swear words, since, I am not the swearing type and the fact that I find it very offensive. Also, this story will take place after James Patterson's current Alex Cross novel, the people vs Alex cross. This story is going to be based on my OC (original character) and Alex Cross's daughter, Janelle 'Jannie' Cross. Also, I do not own the character of Janelle Cross since she belongs to Jameson Patterson. This story will be in first person of my OC. I hope that you enjoyed the first chapter. :)