I carried on eating stuffing, as well as the vegetables, alongside the Cross family before we took our ongoing conversations into the topics that are hotter than a hot water and a burning kettle with this being evidenced by the expressions on each member of the Cross family.

The topic was of race and the history of how black people were enslaved by white people with this being the sort of topic that got me really angry at the fact that white people took advantage of the difference of skin colour as well as use it as an excuse to put black people into slavery.

Luckily though, that pretty much changed over time with the first major change being brought by the great Abraham Lincoln, a Republican president during the 1860s, who signed the emancipation proclamation before eventually signing the famous thirteenth amendment to outlaw slavery for good.

"I will admit, I'm angry, angry at white people" I said to the surprise of the Cross family. "I'm angry at how white people, treated your ancestors all those years ago".

"We understand, Josh, we feel your pain" said Bree as she gave me a warm and loving smile. "Just, don't let your anger make choices for you".

"Trust me, anger will not end well for you" said Alex as he looked at me before chuckling. "I'm, very much the example of that".

"Alex, you watch that tongue of yours" said Nana Mama as she glared, sternly, at her grandson. "You are very lucky to avoid jail, don't you forget that now".

"I haven't forgotten about it, Nana Mama" said Alex as he held up his hands in a surrendering manner. "You have my word on that".

"You better, or else, you are in for it" said Nana Mama as she picked up a spoon and aiming it at Alex. "You hear me, Alex?, you better be careful, now".

"My father and great-grandmother are always like this" said Jannie as she spoke to me. "Well, whenever they are arguing, anyway".

"I can understand, your great-grandmother's concern" I said as I chose my next words carefully. "You all have been through a lot, you guys deserve some peace and quiet".

After an delicious and interesting dinner, we began to do our own thing as Jannie asked me to follow her which I did while wondering where she was taking me and I had a feeling that I was about to find out for myself which is exactly what happened as we came to Jannie's bedroom.

I followed her into the room and she ended up sitting on her bed while I closed the door behind me as I walked over to her bed so I can sit next to her, which I did, before the two of us started talking about different topics with one being about the fact that Jannie could be off to University of Oregon.

That surprised me because I had no idea that she has been offered the Scholarship and the fact that she is considering going there, though, she wanted to visit other places first before making her ultimate decision and she is going to visit the University during the winter vacation which made me feel happy for her.

Though I was happy for her, I also felt sad because I knew that if Jannie does decide to accept the Oregon scholarship and enrol in the University, it would mean that I would most likely never get to see her again and that made my eyes water before I wiped them away with Jannie quickly noticing it.

"Josh, are you ok? asked Jannie as she looked at me with her eyes full of concern. "I know how difficult, this must be for you".

"Yeah, I know" I agreed as I looked deep into her eyes which I might not see again. "It's just that, Oregon is a long, long, way, away".

"Nana Mama, thought so too" said Jannie as she smiled at me with that beautiful smile of hers. "But I won't be gone forever, you know".

I nodded in understanding of what Jannie was saying and she gave a hug to comfort me, something I gladly returned knowing that this could be the last of the hugs that we could share before she goes off to different Universites to try them out before accepting a scholarship from one of them.

We hugged for a few minutes until we, eventually, released the hug and looked at each other in the eye with one having a look of sadness, that being me, while the other had a look of concern, that being Jannie as she touched my hand and she patted it with her touch making me smile.