Originally posted and written on my DA, and if it gets enough attention I will delete it from DA.

I remember that afternoon so long ago,
Haunting but memorable recollections floating through,
A small child, his eyes brimming with tears,
While my naïve mind sunk back into uncovered fears.

I can recall exactly what happened with a tinge of bitter aftertaste,
For I had dwelled on it for many perilous months,
Once long ago we were all faring well,
Now it's time to just repel,
Those memories I had wanted to go to waste.

I can remember my own demeanor—that eyes were big and caring,
My mouth twitching—as if daring,
To speak out loud to my friend who never claimed he was mine.

As I sat there—being tortured by watching allies in mental pain,
I realize how much sorrow I had gained.
The boy was young and innocent,
Like how I was a pure white lily,
Soon to be tainted by bloody red.

I can remember how those events had went,
And joyous moments I had spent,
In my utopian land while bowing down so polite,
And the fragrance of flowers was so beautiful and light,
But for my euphoria to be ruined by something so reckless,
Which left me completely and utterly breathless,
Nevertheless leaving those to my own old plight.