This one explains what Synesthesia felt like. Originally published in "The A's Song", I've rewritten parts of it and presented it again wrapped in a nice and neat ribbon.

A is a light blue, like a robin's egg,

B is a strange color, maybe chocolate brown instead?

C is a sunny hue, always shining bright,

D is a tan brown, glimmering in the light,

E is a light green, like tree leaves in the sun,

F is a fox's tail, back legs arched, ready to run,

G is a pink, juicy, oval, purple grape,

H is a weird hue, it's all my mistake...

I is a pale blue, lifeless, gray, and cold,

J is a yellow-orange, it's an orange popsicle,

K is a deep purple, trusting and noble,

L is a blue gray, special to the core (and it's my favorite color!),

M is a night color, tints of hidden dark gray,

N is a black sky, hiding blue away,

O is a ring, shining in it's cage, (I couldn't find a rhyme)

P is a bright fruit, bursting in my mouth,

Q is a ink purple, the color of a shout,

R is a deep ancient color, lying in the canyon,

S is a curvy river, a good traveling companion,

T is a tree top, standing so tall,

U is a unicorn, sparkles and that all,

V is a orange purple, weird but unique,

W is a pointed umbrella, or a raven's beak,

X is a burst of colors, like the tie-dye rainbow, (I couldn't find a rhyme)

Y is a burst of lightning, grinning wickedly,

Z is a pitch black, charred to ashes and waiting to leave.