That took long enough! I'm considering doing something with Once a Bird Sang. This one might be a little controversial, but feel free to DM me if you want to voice any complaints. I had to piece together some things to get me started. You may recognize something that was formerly on my profile.

Owning the world, an action she could have done,
But a cruel teacher threw her dreams down and said nothing could happen,
Helpless, she waited, for four pain-filled years,
Wondering if somebody could rescue her soon.

A handsome prince came over to the dismayed damsel in distress,
But there was clearly more than one, which took her aback defiantly,
The girl was flattered, and decided to speak without fear,
It was a promising chance, to ask for help, and one to be taken immediately.

Oh, the girl was in love! Beautiful, glorious, innocent love,
The wanting to stay together, to know they had her back,
Hope that filled her inside, how beautiful it seemed!
A shame it fell away meaninglessly, a glimmer of hope in a sea of black.

Back then, she refused to leave their side, for hours at a time,
Choosing instead to try escaping from life, so they jerked her out of the dream
A cruel awakening to the truth, she realized the world was not like what it seemed,
Shaking her head, she asked for forgiveness, looking forwards to a new life.

She knew she was vulnerable, and vowed to not fall prey to affections,
Uncontrollable desires to be with somebody, which drove them to radical decisions,
Seeing examples from before, she sought independence and kept them out,
When the success was evident, it warmed her heart as well.

Asking for help to save her soul, it had no effect,
What she really needed was a definite drive to get her started and ahead,
No longer wandering through vast empty fields, she was free from confusion,
It would take time, patience, and effort, but she knew she could do it.

"They left me behind (not like me leaving them behind),
Letting go of the past and just letting it flow beyond your mind,
It's stressful, I'm sure, but I'm on my own journey,
I know, it's painful, but the rewards are earning."

A queen ruled the lands of her kingdom regally, maintaining sovereignty,
The people would depend on her strength to achieve prosperity,
Love is precious, but she decided that "now is not the time",
"There are more things to look for, other forms of beauty among mankind."

Going on a journey, she was waiting for a home,
The expedition was long, but she was not alone,
Kind-hearted people everywhere would help her find the path,
And when she arrived, gratefully, she knew her new home would last.