This is a poem I wrote a while ago, so it's not "hot off the press". I'm actually quite proud of this one! It's mainly romance and sad stuff. What a piteous longing I must have, wishing for one of these guys to exist... you'll find out later in the story.

We are introduced to the setting—a simple school, you see,
Where ignorant teenagers can pass by and be free,
Not many are confound to the troubles that a stressed person holds,
But the ones that do have a burden that's too heavy to shoulder.

In our scene we have students crowding around a girl who has collapsed,
The girl raises her head and uttters a heartbreaking melancholic cry,
"What can I do, what can I do?" Nobody can help,
For they do not know anything of her situation.

Years worth of unspoken words tumble out her mouth,
Ones that had told her to not fail, to not give in,
They all stood in front of her, some in tears, some trying not to laugh,
And the one boy that she respected, he stood up and told her

"For years I have seen you every single day, and for years I have wondered,
What made you so happy, and what allowed you to stay positive,
Through all the hardships that you'd whisper about, I'd know since I'd see,
The poor and helpless girl that lay beyond the sullen expression."

"For years I have wondered, how did you cope?
When I dealt with the same things you treated me well,
Now it is my turn to repay that debt,
I wonder what I can offer, there is much to return."

"I have traveled all around the world to find a truthful answer,
Yet I have not found one to why you have stood so tall,
You've been through so much, I know you can do it,
It's a shame that I'd waited so long to—"

"Stop!" she cried, banging her fists against the floor. "What have I done to help you? I do not know!"
"I took pity on you when I saw you in my past condition,
It'd reminded me of my own path I'd taken, tear-struck,
We're hopeless, we are, don't follow my path,
Or else you'll suffer the dire consequences I hath."

"Look," he said gently, cupping her face in his hands,
"My mother told me the truth was the best. Now listen to me and,
You say I am successful. And you be will as well,
If you just let go of the monstrous pasts that I hope will not dwell."

She nodded her head and stood up without a word,
For glorious things she had just heard,
The boy gave her a sense of purpose—and the old childish yearning,

Was quickly fulfilled by a sense of new learning.