It's time to dry my already-dry eyes

I told you I don't do well with good-byes

Am I supposed to feel sad right now?

Because you're not even gone yet

Maybe, I'll miss you later but

Right now I'm fine

So don't tell me to dry my eyes

I told you I wouldn't cry

How can I miss you?

You're not even gone yet!


I'm not good

At long-distance

I'm sure that I've told you

I don't ever write


I don't ever call

It's almost as if

I never knew you at all

So go ahead and forget me

I'll forget you

I'll forget you

You seem so heart-broken

Would you care to tell me why?

I'm just telling you the truth

Giving you fair warning

Maybe it's so

You can't complain

Please don't ask

Me to explain

But I don't cry

Not now

Not for this

Why should I be sad

When you're right here

Right here



Right here

My house can feel so

Empty and lonely

But I'll never use those words

So many things


I'll never tell

I can promise you, dig as deep as you want


This is mine

Forever mine

Just don't ask me to cry

And don't ask me to tell

I have my reasons

And trust me

They make my life hell,


Let it be



Just, Let it be