Can I write in the point of view of you?

It's hard to know

Cause I don't feel your emo


I only know mine

And there's more than a fine line

Between them

But I guess I'll try

Cause always writing from my side

Seems unfair

We were a pair

So there is two sides

And I've only told mine

I've only told my side

But you have one too

So the right thing to do

I think is to try to represent that as best as I can

So I'm sorry if I'm wrong

And this song

Doesn't fit what you felt

But I'm trying

To truth-tell

Instead of lying


Here I go

He doesn't want to be an outsider (who does?)

He just wants to be accepted

He just wants to be loved

He just wants to be enough (doesn't everyone?)

He promises he cares, he just doesn't like to share

So hold him tight

And don't let go

He needs you right now, oh don't you know

Why can't you just hold him?

Instead of trying to mold him

Into something new

Just accept who

He is

Who he is

Cause you're hurting him by wanting something more

And it seems like you've always got your foot in the door

And it's stressful

It's heartbreaking

Not your intention

But it's the impression

That you're making

And he's lonely with you here,

He's lonely with you gone

Is it really worth it when he feels like just a pawn

He begins to ask himself

Maybe he'd be better off with someone else

Or even alone

Since he feels alone anyway

What reason does he have to stay

You're pushing him away

You're pushing him away

And you can't even see it

He's shouting

He's screaming

But still you don't hear him

The outlook is rather grim

There's nothing to save

He already gave

You everything

You should let him be more than just a plaything

Just your plaything