The story shows a train, plane, docks, and a beautiful rose.

You know how some people don't appreciate life, when you think they have and make some of what they do have.

The twins: Alexia the collector, and Mia the smart girl.

These twins are living alone, known around the neighborhood as the girl version of Robin hood and the adventurous one helping as much people as they can.

But, little did know a wicked figure is watching them from a crystal ball.

"Those children doing good, makes me so disappointed I could've raised them right, but my powers are weakened. But not for long", said a person in a cloak.

The person in a cloak is holding a scepter, mixing with a potions.

"I must break this cursed spell", said the witch: revealing to have long blond hair, pale skin, and has blue eyes, and has blue eyes, still wearing the cloak.

"Forget it witch, you've tried every spell and incarnation in that book, you'll never figure it out", the magic mirror on the wall doubted.

"I have to, my daughters need me, and I know the perfect way to get to them in their dream", said the witch looking at a dream spell.

In Dreamland, Alexia and Mia is running away in the woods from a dragon, when a mysterious figure appeared.

"Let's stop this dragon from haunting our dream", Alexia told her sister.

Alexia is holding a sword with her sister holding a bow and arrow.

"Great, i'll get the dragons attention", suggested Mia.

Alex hide in the shadows, while Mia gets the dragon to chase her and then starts to ride him.

In the bushes Alexia feels some breathing and tries to ignore it.

"Would you stop breathing on me?" asked Alexia.

Alexia sees this no ordinary animal breathing on her, it was a three-headed dog with a collar filled with spikes.

"Oh boy, this isn't normal, who cares, you're going to die", said Alexia.

Just about attack him, The dog bites off Alexia's sword.

The creature gave a big roar, then tries to slice her, but Mia hits the beast with arrow filled with knock-out toxin.

"Thanks sis, I owe you, what is it", Alexia replied.

"If my Greek study is right, this is Serbius the guard dog of the underwood", answered Mia, looking at the dog.

"But, what's it doing here?" wondered Alexia.

"That would because of me", a voice echoed.

That's when the mom/witch appeared.

"Back off, we don't need no more monsters", Mia warned the witch.

"I'm hurt, i'm not a monster, i'm your mother", said the witch.

"Impossible, our mother abandoned us a long time ago, and you can't be her", said Alexia.

"If you don't believe me take my blood sample to prove it, Mia", said the witch.

Mia prick the witch finger, gets a blood sample, and analyzes it with her and her sister's blood, which is a match.

"Impossible! it's a match, but that doesn't anything this could still be a trick", said Mia, shocked

"Why can't you believe, i'm your mom?" questioned the witch.

"Because you're a witch", said Alexia.

"I thought of our mom being many things, but not a witch ", answered Alexia, while her sword appears.

"That's why, i'm so disappointed, you could've learned magic; makes people tremble in fear, and maybe you still can", said the witch.

"We're never going to do anything like that, or go anywhere with you", said Mia, reading the witch's mind.

"Entering my mind is a dangerous thing, young foul", the witch warned them.

"That's exactly, what we were going to say, ready sis", said Alexia.

"Ready", answered Mia.

They use their powers together to weaken the witch.

Mia and Alexia exit their dream and take the witch with them tied up of course, and enter an abandoned warehouse.

"So what are you going to do now?" asked the witch.

"We want the truth, if you're really a witch, why didn't you just escape with your magic. You think we're fools, nobody that we consider family ever showed up. Especially not our mother, now who are you", explained Alexia.

"Why is it, so hard to believe, I would come back, you're not even that old?" asked the witch.

"Don't doubt a person's intellect because of their age", said Mia.

"Also, since our mother disappeared, we've went to place to place, learning stuff like who to trust and not trust. So, we settled here, have adventures, and help kind-hearted people", Alexia replied.

"The reason why I didn't use my magic because I'm cursed, I can barely use the powers I have, or had I used all of it to get into your dream. Which means i'm stuck in your world". The witch told them.

"Wel that doesn't explain why you think we are related to you, have no powers", Alexia pointed out.

"Of course you do, you just stop believing in magic, magic is based on hope, if you believe in you and your powers", replied the witch.

"That's impossible, there's no such thing as magic", said Mia.

"Mia look out", Alexia warned her sister, when she notice a dumpster, and lift it with all her might, then threw it.

"Sister, how in the world did you do that?" asked Mia, amazed.

"I don't know, I guess, it was an adrenaline", said Alexia, honestly.

"But, I've researched that it doesn't happen often. Though, it's not impossible", Mia responded.

"It's not that, your powers are working, you must believe me", The witch told them.

Alexia and Mia look at each other, trap the witch.

"Sis, what should we do with her now?" asked Alexia, with anger.

"We'll deal with her later, right now i'm hungry", Mia decide, looking at the witch.

Alexia and the witch walk out.

Once they walk out, The witch smiles, and destroyes the rope.

The witch gets up, puts on lipstick, and evil laughs.

"Those girls are more clever than I thought, I might need to give them some motivation", said the witch.