This story is for It's the weirdos, since that author loved the idea of this story so much.

The story shows a train, plane, docks and a beautiful flower.

You know how some people don't appreciate life, when they think they have, these twins actually make the best of what they don't have.

Twins: Alexia the collector, and Mia the smart girl.

Alexia uses the stuff that she collected to help them on their adventures.

Mia has excellent memory, great observation skills, and is believed to be more mature.

Anyway, time to explain what has happened to the twins so far.

When they were born, they were abandoned and since nobody claim them, they were put straight into the system, but that didn't last long, for the twins escaped and decided to live on their own.

Now, since they live on their own, they decided to make their own fun.

That's when the adventures come in, for fun the girls help people that were in the system, just like them, and we're know as heroes in the neighborhood.

It was a great life, but during their last adventure in the school, they see a bunch of kids going into an abandoned warehouse, that was purposely sent on fire.

"Oh no, we have to save those kids, they can't make it out", said Mia: a girl with blond hair, wearing a red shirt, blue jeans, and red shoes.

"Since, when do you rushed into danger, oh well wait up?" asked Alexia: a girl with blond hair too, wearing a red hat, white shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes, then follows her sister.

The twins break the door open and try to find the four kids.

"There they are, let's go", Mia pointed out.

That's when a piece of wood broke, which almost hit Alexia, but she used her gymnastics to avoid it and land on a box.

"Go on, I'll find a way around it", Alexia insisted.

So, Mia shows the kids to a window and takes them out, where the teacher/guardian is looking for them and gives them a hug.

"Thank you", said The guardian.

Mia goes back to see where her sister is, and finds out the most crazy thing ever, Alexia being attacked by dark spirits,so Mia traps the creatures and takes her sister out before the house collapsed.

"Is she okay?" asked a little girl with red hair, wearing a red dress, holding a teddy bear.

Mia felt Alexia's heart beating and said, "yeah, she'll be fine".

During the moment, Mia rescued Alexia, a witch with blond hair, wearing a yellow dress, and black shoes is watching the twins through a crystal ball.

"Poor dears, doing acts of good, when they could be doing better. I can't believe that my sister adopted them, that goody two shoes", said The witch.

"She wanted happiness, something you wouldn't know", said a woman in a work outfit inside a tube with green liquid.

"Oh, but I do, and once I get rid of my sister and consume your powers, I will be there happiest I've ever been and will make a special surprise". said the witch.

(The witch evil laughed)