Disclaimer! None of this is real, its purely imagination gone wild. None of the people or events took place.

"private Johnson was a man of honer, integrity, and most importantly he was the one person in my life who believed in me from the begin to the bitter end." Shu stood at the podium with tears in his eyes. "Everybody was always so surprised when we told people we met in the middle of world war 2. We met in the middle of an actual battle field. A string of mortar shells had just been fired, and my squad had been utterly wiped out. I was laying in wait under my fallen comrades hoping that the Americans would pass over us and just move on but I had no such luck. The troops noticed me right away and took me into custody. They were hoping to get some information out of me before slitting my throat but I had been trained by the zu shao legion. We gave nothing away even in death we were to remain silent. years of training tortured psychically, mentally, and emotionally. After a few day's their captain showed up, seeing my condition he figured I would die from my injury's before talking. He sent me to a medical camp nearby for treatment before further interrogations could continue." he pauses wiping away a tear. "That's when I met my lover Johnson. He was in the camp as a nurse in training since the nurses were already overworked. I saw sympathy in his eyes. I knew that he was different. He tended to my wounds and spoke with me in my native language, comforting me saying it would all be alright. I knew he was an American but for some reason I knew he was not my enemy. He made sure to take good care of me while my injury's were healing. He told the nurses that I would need better medicine because I was a P.O.W. and I had much to offer in the intelligence branch. One day when we were talking a nurse arrived with fresh bandages and Johnson said he would take care of it. Now mind you younger folks here these injury's were inflicted to my groin area so it was a very tender location for me. He said not to worry and he would take care of me. How could it that a man who I was trained to kill was willing to go so far out of his way to take care of me? was it because I was the key to decoding the radio messages that had been uncrackable. Or was he just trying to take care of a fellow man. I didn't know at the time but he had been drafted into the war. He grew up in a coven of gypsies so war was not in his nature. He cared for me removing the waste that had built up in my bed and tenderly changed my bandages taking extra care not to injure me further. After that he started to come more frequently. He would stop by to check on me, or bring me something to keep my mind off of the fact my body had been brutally abused. I had always enjoyed these visits. He kept my spirits up, eventually I started to wonder weather or not I really wanted to leave the hospital. He was here taking such good care of me. If I had been back home they would have just shot me and got on with their day. I eventually had started to regain the use of my legs and Johnson oversaw my rehabilitation. He pushed me to take just one more step. that extra step was always the hardest but for him I would have take 100 more. a few months later I had fully recovered the use of my legs. Which is when I was separated from him. The local nurses had decided it was time for me to go back to interrogation. of course that meant that I would be beaten and cut again like I had been before. Thankfully I knew somebody cared about me and I was able to choose my fate. I called out to the guards and begged them to bring Johnson to me. I said I would tell him everything if he came. Now at this stage I knew I could never go back home to Japan so when Johnson got there I begged him to find a way for me to defect. I wanted nothing more then to leave this cursed battlefield and start a new life with him. After I finished explaining how the messages were translated Johnson left the small room and talked behind the one way glass for what felt like hours. Then a man in a big jumpsuit told me I was free to go, but I was not free. Johnson would be my new contact. I was to stay with him and never to leave his side. I was overjoyed that I would finally be able to sit up with Johnson all night and just talk. We had so much in common that I felt as if he had become an extension of my own body. We moved into an available barrack and lay down our cots. Night after night we would talk about how broken this system is. one night that all changed. He told me that his partner of 10 years had cheated on him. I saw his spirit crack and shatter in front of me. I never knew he was like me, I had secretly hoped since we had met that he may have been but that confirmed it. I decided that he was the one for me from that day on. months passed and the war dragged on and on. Eventually he and I were sent to the front lines to defend against the incoming waves that were once my brothers and sisters. I asked Jackson if he would be ok hugging and holding him close. I knew he wasent meant for war. His soul was kind. I kissed him and he smiled then it happened. I saw his face drop from a smile to horror. His chest had a been perforated by shrapnel from a charge that been lain there to create chaos as the Chinese swarmed the camp. I lay down next to him holding his hand as he whispered his final words. "I love you Shu. You are an American now... Don't forget about me..." I broke down and screamed. the troops around me saw what had happened and yelled to me. I needed to get myself together or we would all die. In a fury I grabbed the weapons off the corpses around me. With the specialized training I had received I slaughtered them all. I shot at them, Stabbed them, and when I ran out of ammo I took to my fists and beat my enemy's to death. The night came and the waves of troops had stopped coming. I fell to the ground next to the lifeless corpse of my true love and just stayed there. It felt like years had past since then but eventually the man I had met in the intel corp found me there. He asked the troops around him for the story and they all said the same thing. I had berzerked and killed them all. The man in the suit walked back over to me and asked if he could pay his respects. I nodded silently and he knelt down next to me and took his tags. the next day a helicopter came by and his body to the states so he could have a proper funeral. I begged them to let me come and eventually they accepted. under the one rule that I had to keep in contact with a new officer that had been assigned to me. I made sure to keep contact and wrote myself a eulogy since his family wouldn't be there." Shu pauses and looks over the crowed of Johnson's former friends and had to wipe his eyes again. "The last thing he said to me was to never forget him. I know I wont but the one thing I can do to keep him in the memories of everybody around him is to find a way to end this violence. He took care of an enemy and treated him with dignity and grace, but instead of being treated like a hero he was murdered. and for what? He hated war and He wanted nothing to do with any of this. Now I look around and see all of you here today. Will you stand with me and help honer his memory?" Putting the paper down he steps off the podium and walks off towards the agent that was waiting at the car. The agent smiled. "I know you dident want any of this to happen but Im glad your here now Shu. This world needs more people like you." Shu smiles. Thank you sir. Let's go home." they both get into the car and drive off towards the airport. "I'll never forget you Johnson... you will live forever in my heart." he smiles and puts his hand onto his chest where two dog tags jangled lightly against the ring he had made from a few bullet casings.