Zalika of the Stars

Author's Note: I took five minutes to find a name for my lead character and Zalika was the name that stood out. It fit perfectly for my character. Though it is Egyptian/Arabic – the name means either well born or wondrous beauty. I have chosen the meaning 'wondrous beauty' – so the title for this story is "Wondrous Beauty of the Stars". Zalika is a humanoid extraterrestrial who has unusual, ethereal looks about her – her entire race has similar qualities as will be described further. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy. This is my first proper science fiction original story that I've composed in my ten years of writing. It's been fun and exciting to write this so far and hope it will be just as exciting to read!



There had been signs of us in the past before, but it caused such upheaval and consternation that many of us were forced to leave – but before we could, the humans caught up to my community. Many were wiped out. We'd lived like the humans – dressed like them and acted like them. We were so startled when they had ambushed us and how they had known that we weren't anything like them. My family made it out of the conflict. It was in the late 1950s and 1960s when my grandparents were forced to relocate somewhere quiet after all that had happened.

But times are different now in the modern world. If it hadn't been for my grandparents and the help of some of our own kind, I wouldn't be here today. I wouldn't be here to tell the story I've been told countless times. As a child I was in love with the story of how my human grandfather fell in love with my grandmother. Despite the help from the others, there were one or two who betrayed my grandparents.

The enemies of my family abhorred my grandmother when they found out she was a romantic interest of a human. Equally it was so with my grandfather. I'm getting ahead of myself though. I'm going back to the beginning – since it was my grandparents' senior year of high school when they first met at a school game.