Spring, 1997

The Fat Squirrel wan't a very classy place by any means. However, it was a place where guys could find a beer or a broad anytime. On this night however, there weren't too many guys, only about 9. As a beautiful girl with brownish blonde hair entered the bar, everyone turned and stared. She had a real nice figure. She went up tot he bar and order a shot of whiskey. To the left of her, sat a young man who looked like he was in his 20's. His long brown hair was in a ponytail, he wore a long black trench coat, and dark round sunglasses. As the bartender gave the girl her drink, the guy signaled that he would pay for it as he laid down a 20 dollar bill.

"Thank you very much Mr..." she started to say.

"Hale. Johnny Hale." he replied.

"Well thank you, Mr. Hale." She said as she winked at him before going over to the slot machines.

"No problem." All 9 guys in the bar followed her with lust in their eyes. Johnny drank a dark and stormy as he waited for his friend to finish his business. The S.O.B. was always holding Johnny up. Suddenly, he heard a glass break. Johnny stood up and headed towards the sound. He saw that the guys were pawing at the girls who was trying to fight them off.

"Get off me you pigs." She shouted but they took no notice of her. Johnny cleared his throat and they all looked at him.

"The lady ain't interested." He said calmly.

"Is she your broad?" One of the guys asked.

"I didn't say she was my broad, all I said was she ain't interested."

"Well, if she ain't your broad, then Piss Off." Another guy said as he pushed Johnny. He sighed.

"I was kind of hoping you'd say that." Johnny moved to leave, but the turned around and shot the guy 3 times with his TEC-9 pistol.

"You Bastard!" the ringleader shouted as they gathered around Johnny.

"Time out...Ricky!" Johnny called out.


"We got some assholes who wanna die...oblige them." Everything was still, then another dude, also dressed in a trench coat and dark glasses, with medium flowing hair and a beard came out with a raging bull revolver.

"So...who's first?" Ricky asked with a smile. 2 of the guys charged them. Ricky put 2 bullets each into them as the dropped to the floor. As the remaining 6 guys came at them, Johnny and Ricky each whipped out their knives and started to stab them. By the time it was all over, 9 dudes were dead. Johnny and Ricky then walked up o the girl who was staring at them, her mouth agape.

"Holy shit!" She shouted.

"If anyone asks you who did this, you say it was Ricky Harrison and Johnny Hale. You hear me. WHO DID IT?" Ricky asked.

"Ricky Harrison...and Johnny Hale did it." She stuttered.

"Nice." Johnny said as he and Ricky made their way to the exit past the frightened barkeeper. "Sorry about the mess." Johnny said.

"I ain't." Ricky counted as he shot the bartender point blank in the face. Johnny sighed as the 2 men went out to their car. As they drove off, the girl got a look at their license plate. MKMK94