Ricky and Johnny drove out of state after killing Mr. Hale. They made their way down from Maine into New Hamshire.

"We're going to need some straps, man." Johnny said as Ricky drove.

"Don't worry, I know this dude down in Manchester, my dad bought all his guns from him." Ricky replied.

"Speaking of which, what's your old man going to think when he hears that you killed somebody?" Johnny asked. Ricky looked at him and smiled.

"I was going to make a surprise but...my folks are dead!" Ricky said excitedly.



"When did you kill them?"

"Before I came over to your place. I've been planning this for a while and I wanted to see Natural Born Killers with you one more time before we left."

"What if I hadn't come with you?" Johnny asked in shock.

"Come on Johnny, you love Mickey and Mallory Knox just as much as I do. You would've come." Ricky said with confidence. Johnny just sighed.

5 days earlier

Ricky was in his room, playing around with his father's 9 millimeter handgun. He'd had enough. Ricky's old man had destroyed the wanted poster he'd snagged of Mickey and Mallory, wrecked his video games, and took away the $30,000 that Ricky had saved up for the trip with Johnny and put it in his safe. After a couple hours of raging and doing meth, Ricky decided that it was time to perform an act in the name of Mickey and Mallory Knox. Ricky loaded the gun and went downstairs. His old man was in the den watching NASCAR.

"Come on Dale, pass those dumb sons of bitches." He shouted.

"Hey there ass hat." Ricky said as he pointed the gun at his old man.

"Ricky, what the fuck do you think you're doing with my gun? You little shit." Mr. Harrison asked.

"I'm taking back what's mine." Ricky answered him. "What are the numbers to the safe?"

"I ain't telling you shit." Mr. Harrison said as Ricky shot him in the leg. "God damn it!"

"What are the fucking numbers?"

"SCREW YOU." Ricky shot him in the other leg.

"Give me the numbers old man."

"12..." Ricky's old man said in pain.

"OK, what are the other 2 numbers?" Ricky asked.

"Go to Hell, you bastard." Ricky's father said as Ricky shot both his arms.

"Next one's going in your nuts unless you give me the numbers." Ricky told his father.

"22...16." Ricky's old man sputtered.

"Is that it, 12-22-16?" Ricky asked.


"You better not be bullshitting me, if I put those numbers in the safe, it'll open?"

"The safe...will open."

"It better." Ricky said as he left his father and went to the safe. He dialed the numbers and sure enough, the safe opened. Ricky took out the 30 grand and stuffed it in a bag. He went back up to the den where his father was still bleeding.

"Call...911." Mr. Harrison said.

"It's not that I don't want to but, I don't want to." Ricky said as he finished his dad with a shot in the head. At that moment, Ricky's mother came home. Ricky waited patiently for her to come in. As soon as Mrs. Harrison came in, Ricky shot her at point blank range. He dragged his mother's body over to her husband's. Ricky then waited an hour for his brother to come home from community college. As Ronald Harrison and his best friend Todd went in the house, Ricky saw that Todd was filming with a video camera.

"So yeah, this is my house and...Ricky, what the fuck did you do!" Ronald shouted.

"I'm Mickey Knox bitch!" Ricky shouted as he shot Ronald in the head. He was killed instantly. Todd tried to run, but Ricky shot him twice in the back. One bullet hit Todd's heart and killed him. Ricky dropped the gun, grabbed the money, and headed for his car.

"I'M A NATURAL BORN KILLER!" Ricky shouted as he drove off.

"What the Hell Ricky?" Johnny asked.

"What, my dad made my life Hell." Ricky said.

"You were supposed to leave someone alive to tell the story."

"I did...Todd's camera." Ricky said laughing. Johnny sighed as they kept driving.