Liam was standing by a tree, his green gems staring right at the other trees. That was when he got the strangest idea—

Liam pointed to Lord Karait, his green eyes swimming in pure animosity. "F #& you!" he said, all because he sent his cult to stab him. The dark lord looked at the boy in pure confusion and shock.

Liam pointed to the second person that he did not like, Nicetas. "F #& you!" He thought Nicetas was a rat. Nicetas looked at him, thinking, 'what the…?'

The teenage assassin pointed to the Cult of DeLurch, "F #& you!" Why? For actually stabbing him and stealing the girl he kissed. Several of the members looked at the boy with brows raised as some were just stunned.

Liam was pretty skeptical about the next group of people he looked at. "Eh… you're okay…" he said his parents Julia and Isaias Beck, his siblings, Rennedy, Sylvia, and Amethyst Beck, Baroness Tania, Prince Troy, Princess Ellen, and Princess Bella. Obviously, the Becks were his family, Liam got along well with the Baroness, Troy, and Ellen, and Bella was his princess.

"And F #& you I'm out!" Liam cried at the last person, Prince Harold. Why? Liam swore Harold was getting to salacious with him. Liam chucked a small knife right at the older boy. Harold cried out, barely dodging the knife as Liam walked away.

Why is Liam's cursing censored? It just makes it more humorous. The Ho Yay is strong with this one.

Hope you've enjoyed.