This is what happens when I peruse Pinterest with my boyfriend at 4 am.


The kitten stretches in the warm afternoon sunlight, giving out a tiny yawn before flopping down once more.

His comfortable dosing was suddenly interrupted by a black furred monster jumping on his floofy back.

The monster purrs, settling down in the other cat's floofy brown-streaked fur.

She meows, nuzzling her head into the other cat's neck, much to his dismay.

He finally huffs, getting comfortable, and snuggling her into his side.

As I document this adorableness with my camcorder, I sip my cold coffee happily.

"Ohh my gods Ozzie you're so floofy and warm and floofy and I could huggle you all day." the black kitten meowed joyfully, burying her head into her boyfriend's neck.

"You have." Azrael deadpanned.

"Oh. Sorry." she apologized, quickly getting off him and nudging his tail. "Anyway, I'll be freaking Hooman out by climbing on top of the TV and getting fur on everything."

"Have fun." Azrael responded absentmindedly. Then he jolted up, his brain finally processing what the black cat had said. "WAIT TRIBI NO THAT'LL DAMAGE THE TV WE CAN'T PLAY VIDEOGAMES ANYMORE THEN STOP TRIBI NOOOOO!"