I don't know how often I'm going to update this. Whenever I have something worth writing about, I guess?

No, you can't get that coat for less

Sometimes I want to reach over the counter and strangle customers. That wouldn't be very good customer service though, would it? What is it about charity shops that make people so foul? I understand that some charity shops do over price clothing, but the one I help out at doesn't. In fact, most of our prices are pretty reasonable, I think. Sure, if the clothing is brand new, or from a fashionable label/brand, then it'll get priced appropriately, but it'll still be more affordable than if it were from the original shop.

For example, there's a Sisley coat in at the moment. In excellent condition - no marks, scuffs or anything, and we've put £15 on it. If someone were to buy it from the Sisley website, or store, it would've cost over £200. Had a woman in on Friday afternoon (17/11) who tried it on, then, when told the price, muttered "Would need to be dry cleaned in order to be worth £15."

Could hardly believe my ears. Again, this coat is in perfect condition. There are no rips, marks or tears, and it doesn't stink to high heaven. And we've had our share of clothing that stinks. Even had a bin bag full of dirty underwear come in once. We don't sell underwear full stop, so why someone thought we wanted a bag load of dirty knickers, I've no idea.

Thing is, customers even haggle over things that are 50 pence or less. Cutlery (forks, spoons etc) are 25 pence each. Once had a lady bring a fork to the counter, then sigh at the price, and proceed to tell me that "it's only worth 10 pence, and it matches one I have at home". News flash, I don't care if it matches one you have at home. It is 25 pence. It's hardly going to break the bloody bank, is it?

Also, I don't understand why someone would steal the curtain from the changing room. I just...what did they want to do with it? Did they want it so badly that they just had to take it there and then? There's now a notice above the changing room mirror, warning people about what'll happen if the new curtain goes walkies.

Most people are happy to pay the prices marked on the tag. There's just a few special snowflakes every now and then who really get my back up. Not that I can confront them about it. It's not worth being accused of being rude when I'm not getting paid to take the customers money. I'm just a volunteer. I'm not worth a second thought

To be honest, I do want a paid job. It's just that most of the ones I go for are usually taken by students (uni town) or you need a degree to work there (looking at you, Cream). Don't get me wrong, I like living here much more than the town where I was born and lived for 20 odd years, but it isn't easy to find a suitable job.

Do like that people can bring their dogs into the charity shop, however. Always happy to have cuddles with dogs. And they usually get a biscuit or two as well, depending on if their owners allow it or not. Most of the time they say yes.