Just dancing thoughts

Went flamenco dancing on Thursday (7/12). Was pretty good fun. Really need to get proper shoes, however. Trying to do various footwork techniques in flat shoes is not to be recommended. Having a little bit of difficulty with some of the arm movements as well, but hopefully with a bit more practice (both in lessons and at home), I'll slowly start to get the hang of it.

Little bit difficult to find shoes in my size, though. I'm a UK 8, and most of the student flamenco shoes I've looked at online only go up to UK 6 (possibly 7). And there's no way I'm squeezing my big feet into shoes that are too small. Would end up in a lot of pain by the time the hour was up. However, did see some that looked hopeful. Ordered two pairs, since the reviews said that the sizes are quite snug, so to either get 1/2 size bigger, or go up from a UK 4 to a UK 5. It's free return, so if one of the pairs is a little too large, or too snug, then I will return those, and keep the other pair.

Honestly, taking flamenco lessons wasn't something I'd planned on doing. Think I actually surprised myself, as well as everyone else, by starting them. Enjoying them so far, so will see how I get on, and if I wish to continue into the new year.