I have a new guinea pig. Started the new year off with one, a 5 year old male named Chutney. Chutney's companion, Radish, died last year, as did two females I had. Yeah, wasn't a particularly good year as far as pet owning goes. Kept a close eye on Chutney through the last couple of months, and though he was still eating, he seemed a little lost and wasn't extremely active. Still interested in me, but my company was no replacement for that of another guinea pig. So I started looking as soon as I felt able to. Didn't want to get a guinea from a pet shop, so looked at possible rescue centre guinea pigs. However, the only rescue near me either had boar\sow pairs, or two boars in a pair.

Didn't really want a pair, since bonding more than two boars at a time rarely works, and you usually end up with one guinea pig getting bullied, or fighting between the established pair. But although the rescue centre was not an option, I kept looking. Somehow, I felt certain that something would come my way soon. All I wanted was for Chutney to enjoy life again. As it happened, something did.

Was browsing through posts on a social networking site one evening, when one of them caught my eye. Was from a lady who had several guinea pigs, but had turned out to be allergic to them, and so was looking for new homes for the three she had left. Two of those were bonded, but the third was a single boar of a year old. Asked if I could come see him, and we arranged a suitable time.

Honestly, it was love at first sight. He was a little bit plump, but his black fur was glossy, and overall he looked in pretty good condition. Bit nervy, and I could tell he hadn't been handled very much, but seemed fairly sweet. His companion had died, so the lady was looking for him to be rehomed with another male guinea pig.

I think you can probably guess what happened. Yep, he came home with me. Was named Bob, but is now Sprout, since it matches the food theme I have. Currently bonding him with Chutney, and so far it's not going too badly. No real fighting, anyway. Some rumblestrutting and mounting going on, but that's normal.