Chapter 1

I woke up with a gasp, jolting upright. The girl slowly climbing out of my bed yelped in surprise and slipped, crashing to the ground. She pushed her mess of blonde bedhead out of her face as she stared up at me from her spot on the dark hardwood floor. "You fucking scared me!" She barked, pushing herself to her feet. She stretched, not seeming to care that she was naked.

I bent my right knee, still keeping my legs under the covers and wrapped my arms around my right leg. I rested my cheek on my kneecap and gave her a soft smile. "Sorry. I'm a light sleeper."

She put her hands on her bare hips, "What? You putting the blame on me?"

I chuckled, "Of course not."

"Just go back to sleep so I can sneak out in shame properly."

I laughed and laid back down, turning my back to her.

I listened with my eyes closed as she moved about the hotel room, getting dressed.

Unexpectedly, she spoke again. "That right arm of yours..." I stiffened, "It's one of those God Pieces isn't it?"

"What happened to sneaking out?"

"I'm in need need of a miracle."

I rolled over, blocking her knife with my left forearm and placed my right hand on her stomach, creating fire on my palm. Hot and concentrated...

I put two fingers to the knife wound on my arm to heal it. I threw off the covers and stepped over her corpse on my way to the bathroom. I showered and dressed leisurely before leaving out the window.

I walked down the quiet morning street.

I created an apple in the palm of my hand and stuck it in my mouth. I held it there as I pulled my black glove on over the gold skin of the God Piece.