Chapter 2

I was going to ignore the scuffle between the security guards and the random kid. That is until I overheard something very interesting.

"This bitch's left eye is gold! Think it's one of those God Pieces?"

"Don't be a fucking idiot, those are myths, they don't exist."

Battling to keep a satisfied smirk off my face, I turned away from the hats I was inspecting towards them. The kid was on the ground with their face pressed into the dirt as the two open-market security guards started to argue.

Plastering a polite smile on my face, I strode towards them putting my hand on the shoulder of the guard who had the kid's wrists in one hand with his other hand on the back of their head and a knee against their spine. "Sorry to interrupt gentlemen." I looked between both the guards, "I couldn't help but notice what's happening here and well..." I gestured to the kid on the ground, "The little lass is so young, can't you just let her off this once?"

The guard that was still standing crossed his arms, glaring down at me. "That 'little lass' is a thief and we aren't in the business of letting criminals go."

Without missing a beat, I pulled my wallet out of my back pocket and pulled out a wad of bills, waving it in front of him, "I'm sure this covers whatever they stole with compensation for your wasted time as well."

The guard pinning the kid stood suddenly and swiped the cash out of my hand. I helped the kid to their feet and slowly walked away with them, my arm around their shoulders, as the guard counted. Once we were out of sight, I guided the kid out of the market into a small side street. "

"Uh, thanks for saving me, sir." The kid looked down and away from me, their messy brown hair blocking my view of their eyes.

Feeling impatient, I grabbed their chin and forced their face towards me with one hand, pushing their bangs away from their eyes with the other. Sure enough their left eye was pure gold. "It really is a God Piece." I didn't fight the smirk spreading across my lips this time. Their eyes widened in fear as they realized I wasn't the savior they thought I was. I put an arm around their now shaking shoulders, "Come with me, girl. I have plans for you."