POV: Lucia Winter Auberson.

First days can always be nerve-racking but you get used to them after a while. I've been to seven high schools, this being my eighth. "You got this." I say as I look at myself in my handheld mirror. I close it and walk through the doors that were covered in dragon decorations. I see a blue haired girl. I look at my text from the school on my tour guide and the girl looks like her. I was about to walk over when I suddenly saw a boy with red hair and I stumbled over and fell at the tour guide's feet. I looked up and whose feet I thought was the tour guide's was actually the boy that caught me off guard. He picked me up and I felt a burning sensation. I wriggled out of his grasp and look up at him. He seemed strange. "I-I'm very sorry." I apologized as I rubbed the burn marks from his hands on my icy-pale skin. The boy smiled and took his sunglasses off. "No problem kid" he said as he walked away. I turned around and the tour guide was there. "I saw everything but I won't tell. My name is Starla Luzinarc and I am you tour guide today. Your roommate is Cheyenne or as I like to call her, Cheat Anne." the tour guide explained. I smiled and explained "I'm Lucia Auberson. Why do you call her Cheat Anne?". "Because she cheats on all her boyfriends" Starla laughed. I laughed along with her. Suddenly, Starla disappeared and I felt hair in my face. "OW THAT HURT" I screamed. "Ugh pitiful girl. Don't get any ideas with my boyfriend!" the girl said with a sassy tone. I stared at her for a moment before she walked off and flicked her hair in my face again. I was about to beat that basic mean girl up when I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Hi, I'm Kirie, the replacement tour guide. Starla probably went off to meet her roomie. Lucia Auberson, right?" a girl with red hair asked. I nodded. It was kinda embarrassing when people saw me mad. "Here's your room key and if you need anything I'm in dorm F17. I'm gonna go now, bye." Kirie said as she left. Great! Now all I had to do was find room E22. I ran from the hallway and into the dormitory building.

Pov: Starla Luzinarc

As I walk towards my dorm I see a boy and girl fighting. I had a closer look and it was obviously Cheyenne and another student. I hid behind a plant and listened to their conversation.





"IT'S ON!"

I looked to see the boy transforming into a demon form. I was shocked. I didn't know there was another half-demon in this school. I was about to cry with hope but I kept my emotions to myself. I saw the boy pin Cheyenne to the ground. I knew what spell he was going to use. It was an ancient demon spell that can kill any humans within a 20 meter radius. I decided to not let this fight go on without a bit of Starla magic. I walked out from my hiding spot and said "Well, well, well Cheat Anne. Looks like the cheater is getting a taste of her own medicine.". The boy stared at me. I glanced at him. I noticed he was close to using the spell so I pushed him. He immediately turned back into a human. We landed and I noticed I was on top of him. He looked at me in confusion and asked "Why the hell are you stopping me?". "Because destroying someone's life is not the answer. Trust me, I know." I replied. "What do you know?" The boy answered back. I gave him my red eyes. He looked at me and at that moment it was like we had some sort of connection but then...he teleported and I was stuck with Cheyenne. "Ha loser. He was always a freak." she laughed as she flicked her tied up brown hair. I stood up and looked her right in the eyes. "LOOK CHEAT ANNE! DON'T EVER TEASE HIM AGAIN! YOU HEAR ME?" I yelled. Cheyenne flicked her hair and walked away. "Fine, it's not like he was any fun though." Cheyenne said as she walked away. I sighed and started heading back to my dorm. This was gonna be a long day.

Pov: Lucia Winter Auberson

I was finally at my dorm. I held my breath as I entered. The first things I saw were launderette and gossip magazines scattered on the floor of one half of the room. There was make up on a table below a mirror that must've belonged to my roommate. I placed my packed luggage on the bed and begin to unpack. I glanced over at my roommate and she was sleeping like a dog in a pile of launderette. I walked around her side to see many torn up photos of boys. I sighed in disgust and suddenly I knew who it was. This was Cheat Anne. I was about to continue my journey around the room when I saw Cheyenne's eyes slowly open. Without thought, I jumped into the biggest pile of clothes and hid there.

POV: Flame Gato.

I slowly walk into my dorm and saw nothing but smoke. My first thought was my roommate has an AWESOME taste in d├ęcor!. I walked in to see someone on their computer and grasping their head in confusion. I walked closer and he looked at me. "Hello. I'm Flame. Your decorations are SICK man." I explained. "I'm Jack, Jack Connell." The boy explained. "Nice to meet ya." I said. "Same here." Jack replied "So what's your power?". "Fire user" I replied. "Really?" he asked. "What about you?" I asked. "Fire demon." Jack answered. I already knew this dude was awesome and I just met him. "Can you do me a favor and pour some fire this glass?" Jack asked. I did as I was requested and I watched Jack eat the fire as if it was whipped cream with strawberries. I was shocked. "Dude, you can eat fire? That's AWESOME!" I complimented. "Heh, well that's being a demon for you. Also one of the rules is always make yourself feel at home." Jack replied. I smirked at him and walked back to my half.

POV: Starla Luzinarc.

I walked in my dorm excited to see my new roommate when I saw a short girl crying in the corner of the room. I walked closer and she told me to stop. I looked at her in confusion. "YOU'RE A DEMON AREN'T YOU?" the girl screamed. "Yeah but I'm not ba-" I said but she cut me off my yelling "LEAVE ME ALONE!". I looked around the room that was covered in candy wrappers and remembered I had a chocolate bar in my pocket. I gave her the chocolate bar and watched as she ate it at the speed of light. "I think we got off on the wrong foot. I'm Starla." I explained. "Yuki Laurvincovic" the girl explained "I'm sorry about that. I just have a bad history with demons.". I saw an anime poster and said "So..you like anime?". "HOW DID YOU KNOW?" she screeched. I pointed at the poster and said "That looks like Gray from Fairy Tail. It's okay. I'm an anime fan too.". Yuki screamed "HOW ABOUT WE HAVE AN ANIME MARATHON TO CELEBRATE OUR ROOMMATE HOOD?". I nodded in agreement.

POV: Lucia Winter Auberson.

Cheyenne jumped out of her bed and shot the pile of boy photos and added a new photo. Then I let out the biggest sneeze I have ever done in my life. Cheyenne obviously noticed and tore up the pile to reveal me. "Um hey Cheyenne..." I mumbled. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING LITTLE PERV?" She screamed. A boy came into our dorm. "Hey Chey, wanna come with the crew to dinner?" he said. Cheyenne nodded and the boy left. Cheyenne soaked me before changing into different clothes. I walked outside and I saw Flame. I noticed his hands were bleeding. "Are you alright?" I asked. "Y-yeah, just can't t-touch water..." he replied. I sighed with relief that he hadn't cut himself on purpose. "So, wanna come to dinner?" he asked. I blushed and nodded. "Cool, you can bring a friend too. See you at Starlight Restaurant." he said before leaving. I nodded and waved him goodbye. Dinner? With a dreamy boy? Tell me this isn't a dream.

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