Okay just answering a question from the last chapter. This story is being written by me and my niece and the laurnette thing was unintentional. It's basically fancy underwear.

POV: Lucia Auberson

Tonight's the big night. Me, Flame, his plus one and my plus one are having dinner at Starlight Restaurant. I finally made it there with Kirie by my side. I watched as Kirie fixed her red hair. "So...where are the boys?" Kirie asked. "Um they should be here by now." I replied. Exactly after I finished speaking, we heard a loud bang from behind. I saw a huge flash in the sky then suddenly, the area caught on fire. I tried to avoid it but my dress was covered in the fire. Is this the end? I thought to myself. I looked up to see Kirie freaking out. Flame and his plus one had arrived and they looked extremely confused when they saw me burning on the ground. Kirie quickly made a bath of ice and water appear and dropped me in it. This first encounter wasn't the best...

POV: Starla Lunzinarc

After finishing my anime marathon with Yuki, I decided it would be best if I were to get some fresh air. Me and Yuki headed out to the beach. I looked around and there weren't as many people there as usual. Just then I saw a huge tornado and a little girl about to be eaten by it. I had to act fast. I focused my magic energy to where the tornado was and opened up a portal to another dimension. The tornado vanished. I looked at my hands and saw blood. I started to feel dizzy and fainted.

POV: Flame Gato.

After making a stunning entrance and seeing the girl I invited almost burn to ashes, I looked at my brother and told the ladies to excuse us for a moment. I dragged Neko behind the toilets of the nearby outdoor movie theater and that is where I lectured my brother.

"Seriously dude? You literally almost made me burn the entire restaurant!"

"Well you shouldn't have touched me while I was reading!"

"Well you shouldn't have been reading like a complete loser. You should have been preparing for this dinner!"

"You didn't even tell me about this before you touched me!"

"Well I did you deaf tomcat!"

After that terribly long lecture, I walked back to Lucia and Kirie. Lucia seemed a bit startled but she seemed better than she was when being roasted alive. I helped her out of the bathtub even though it stung my hands.

POV: Starla Lunzinarc.

I slowly opened my eyes in shock to see myself back in my dorm but there a slight difference...someone had broken my door! I looked up to see the boy who was fighting Cheat Anne earlier. "Uh...hello?" I asked. "Oh, so you're finally up huh?" the boy asked. I was confused so I asked "How did I get here...and why is the door broken?". "Oh I saw you save that little girl...don't worry about the door!" he said while looking at me awkwardly. "So what's your name?" He asked. "I...I'm Starla...and you are?" I replied. I was slightly suspicious at this point. "Jack..." he quietly replied. I looked at him in confusion and asked "Why did you save me?". "You saved me. I was returning the favor." he replied. Okay, now I was at the maximum confusion level. "How?" I asked. "Well ever since last year, Cheyenne had bothered me like crazy...that was until...you came along. So tell me Starla...why did a demon like you come to this realm?"

POV: Lucia Auberson

Me and my group were finally in the restaurant. I was busy reading the menu because of the awkward silence that had dawned on the table. "Alright then, I'm going to order the sushi platter. What are you guys having?" I asked. "I'm gonna order a nice hot and spicy Thai green curry. I know my brother is gonna eat a pasta salad. He is such a Plain Jane. Ain't that right bro?" Flame replied before putting his arm around his plus one. His plus one growled and spawned a cat claw on a stick in his hand. He took the strange weapon and slashed Flame in the face. "IDIOT! DON'T TOUCH ME! I'm actually going to order the clam chowder. I enjoy anything relevant to fish." The plus one explained as he made his weapon disappear. I looked over at Kirie to hear her order but I realized she looked as if she was going to throw up. "Kirie...are you alright?" I asked. Kirie shook her head. She slowly got up and left for the bathroom. She came back about 10 minutes later and immediately apologized. "I'm so sorry." she repeated. "It's okay. I ordered you a hot dog and onion rings. Is that alright?" I asked. Kirie nodded. I could see she was a bit shocked after that incident.

When our meals had arrived, Kirie asked for cheese and spinach dip with her hot dog and onion rings. She then glanced over at Neko's meal and looked sick again. "Ehh...I hate clam chowder. How can you eat it Neko?" She asked. "Well, I am not allergic and I just generally enjoy any type of sea food." Neko explained. The waitress came back and Kirie looked as if she knew her. "Hey Judy, how's it going?" Kirie asked. "I'm fine." the waitress replied. Kirie pointed at me and explained "This is Lucia. She's new to our school.". Judy waved at me and I waved back politely.

POV: A lonely guy sitting at the table next to Kirie, Lucia, Flame and Neko.

I walked to my table to see a boy I believed was in my magic spells class. Before I could call out to him, the waitress came over and said "Hello. My name is Judy and I will be your waitress. Is there anything I can get you?". "Just a cup of tea would be great." I replied. The girl nodded and left. I was about to leave to go to the bathroom when I had a flashback. Last year...Mrs Blueberry's class...I was partnered with this guy...we got along really well... My face turned red. Why should I have these flashbacks at a time like this.