Author's Note: As Special Agents is a few chapters away from ending, I decided to give everyone a little something as an early Christmas present. This Character Chapter will have Leon as the focus, and give a look at what he will struggle with in the second volume of Magica Academy.

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(Winter, the season that spans from the end of a year, to the start of a new one.)

This is what was running through Leon Ellsworth's head as he stared up into the white clouds. Snow fell all around him, and the air was cold. But he wore a thick jacket, so he was warm.

He was on the porch of his house, enjoying the sight of snow covered houses and cars. No matter where it was, snow was the most beautiful thing in the world.

Then his thoughts turned to a girl named Minerva Sparks, and he corrected himself. Then he sighed sadly.

Ever since the Halloween Festival, he couldn't get the science girl out of his head. He wondered what she was doing right now...

He shook his head. Why did he have to think about her now? Focus on something else...

Then his saving grace came in the form of a door appearinging out of nowhere, startling him. It opened, and a mailman stepped out. He looked at Leon's address, then at him.

"Leon Ellsworth?" He questioned.

"Er...yeah, that's me." Leon said skeptically.

"Got a letter for you." The mailman reached into his bag, and pulled out a letter. "From Noel Maddox and Soleil Copellia."

He tossed it to the boy, who caught it with one hand. Then he turned around, and went back into the door. It closed, and disappeared.

Interworld mailing...Leon had now seen it all. He looked at the letter, and opened it.

Inside was a photo of two girls, one with blonde hair and the other with red. They both wore those skimpy looking Mrs. Claus outfits Leon often saw on billboards and television. The blonde looked very embarrassed to be wearing it, while the redhead looked like she was teasing her.

Leon immediately recognized the redhead as one of his best friends and squad mates, Soleil Copellia. Although he wondered who the other girl was...

There was a folded note behind the photo, which Leon began to read.

Merry Christmas, Leon! How have you been?

I've been good myself. Been recording more stuff in my journal, and reading all kinds of books.

Typical Noel. Leon smiled.

Soleil decided to spend Christmas with me, and even brought her whole family over for dinner. She was right...her life is chaotic. They caused a food fight that left the entire dining room wrecked.

Leon chuckled. As expected from the Copellias.

She's staying here until school starts back up, and my parents are very... skeptical. Not only because of the dining room, but also the fact that she's a girl. You know, when a boy and girl who like each other stay together for a long time...Or so they say. I mean, not like I'm interested in her or anything!

Leon facepalmed. Really Noel? Really?

So...yeah, she and I are doing great. Things have become even more cheery than usual. She's brought so much fun in just a couple of days. I'm glad that she's here. Wish you could be here.

Leon sighed. He really missed his friends...

And I guess that's all. Hope you're alright! And remember to keep up with your magical training! You really need to start getting the hang of charges.

Charges...Leon scowled. When Professor Cosmos had them try it out...

All he could recall was a searing pain in his right arm, then everything going black. He woke up in the infirmary, with said arm in a cast. There hadn't been anymore tests like that since then, but the event really made Leon ashamed. What had he done wrong?

He shook his head, and read the rest of the note.

See you at school! Have a happy New Year!

Sincerely, Noel Maddox

P.S: Uh...about the photo...I did not agree to that. Please, burn the thing. I don't want anybody to see it...

Leon blinked, and took another look at the blonde girl in the photo.

Her hair had been straightened, but if he could just take closer look at her face, and imagine the hair being curly...

Leon's eyes widened as he realized who it was.

Noel Maddox, forced to dress as a very cute Mrs. Claus. It was unbelievable...and yet...

He tried to stifle his laughter, but eventually it became too much. He doubled over from the sheer hilarity of what he had in his hand. Forget burning it, he was going to keep it as a memory.

He kept laughing until he was out of breath. He panted for air until he recovered, then he pocketed the picture. But he still held the note.

He looked over that line again. Charges...

For an inexperienced Caster to use higher tier spells, they need to first chant the magic's basic form along with the word 'charge', then hold it until it sparked, indicating that it had reached the next tier.

It was very tiring, according to his friends. But in Leon's left him in a cast for days.

What went wrong?

He looked at his right hand, where his tattoos were situated. Something must be off with him, right?

Or was it mistake? Did he try to casting at the wrong time?

He decided to try again, and see.

Leon got up, and went to the road. He aimed his right palm at something not important, a soda can in the middle of the road.

"Ignis, charge." He chanted.

His hand glowed red hot, and he felt a burning sensation. He winced, but held the charge, and counted.



The burning got a little more intense, and his breathing got heavier.



The feeling spread along his arm, up to his shoulder. He groaned in pain.



His arm shook, and he shut his eyes tight. The pain was almost unbearable.




He heard the magic spark, and immediately released it.

"Flagro!" He shouted.


Intense pain...all over his body..but it was worse on his the flames exploded on his hand.

When Leon's parents rushed out to find out what was going on, they saw him curled up on the road, out cold. The area close to him was now devoid of snow.

And his arm...was burnt pitch black.