Of days within the walls of my mind,

Ask me not

They are infinite

But that sparrow that landed

On the other side of the glass cage

Opened rusted windows with the tap of its beak

And those infinite moments

Were suddenly bathed

In gusts of winter winds and yellowed leaves

Of days under the endless dome,

Ask me not

They extend as far as my eye can see

But that drop of rain on my brow

Caved in the glass ceiling for a while

And I saw stars raining down

Into the darkest corners

Clouds swirling away to bluer skies

Of days of blindness tinting opened eyes,

Ask me not

They are eternal as the universe

But the splash of mud from the puddles

Coloured my iris with the rainbow

And I could see happiness

For as fleeting as it was

I could see

And I drank in more than my eyes could hold

So many sights

That they spilled with tears

Of days of stagnant death,

Ask me not

For they are as permanent as nothingness

But that life that battered in

Bullish, like a juggernaut

In moments, tiny, seeping in, ramming into my heart

At times

Somehow finding ways

I claimed that for those moments alone

I was alive as alive could be

Though I'd return to that emptiness

I lived, my spirit, I did.