Hello all and welcome to the second annual "Thanksgiving Feast" story! I'll be posting four chapters with one a day up until Thanksgiving, and I hope you enjoy this super cute story!

This story is an Alternate universe/crossover between "Inner Wolf, Inner Warrior" and "Just another Fairytale." although the events that take place during this story do not affect those stories.

I also put myself under a 1,000-word limit, but don't let that stop you from munching on this appetizer of a chapter!


How yawned as the bed began to move, waking him from his sleep as Paws leapt to the floor, stretching as she greeted the day with a meow.

How's green eyes stared at Brevan and Ina as they stirred, watching them intently. They would either get up and start the day, or they would kiss and end up staying in bed for a while.

Thankfully, Ina stood up and began getting dressed, picking How and Paws up once she was done. "Hello, you two, you both hungry?"

"Yeah!" How smiled, licking her nose as she walked into the kitchen. "I want fruit!"

Ina laughed and set them both on the counter, pulling a piece of apple from the cupboards and slicing it up into little comforter sized pieces before placing it before him. "Here you are How."

She placed a bowl of milk next to the apple pieces for Paws and then busied herself with making her own breakfast.

As How began eating, chewing the food just like Ina had taught him, he listened to her speak as Brevan began talking to her.

"Serena, what time are your friends coming for the feast?"

"Later this afternoon, and thankfully they're a party of three. Think you can cook up that much food?"

"Of course" He answered. "Will you be able to handle the girls while I'm here?"

Serena smiled "Yep, we're going shopping, then we'll be decorating."

How exhaled as Ina talked about her plan, happy that she wasn't cooking. Ina was perfect in almost every way, but she couldn't make food at all! Aside from simple things like making apple slices and sandwiches and milk bowls, she wasn't good in the kitchen, but Brevan was.

More footsteps came down the stairs as Sophie and Lucia, Brevan and Ina's two daughters, rushed down to join them.

"Morning Mama, morning Papa!" The girls chanted, their short dirty blond hair dancing around their heads as they walked around the kitchen, scooping How and Paws up in their arms and covering them in morning cuddles and kisses.

How giggled at the affection as Paws squirmed, before both furballs were set down by the two eight-year-olds, as they hugged their parents.

Lucia sat down and began putting her shoes on. "Are you ready to go shopping mama? We've got to get a lot for the feast!"

"Yeah!" Sophie added "I can't wait to meet your friends! Did you say that they have kids like us?"

Serena nodded "They have one daughter and a few other pets… and you all will get along quite well. I know it, now let's get going and leave your father to cook."

Brevan hugged his daughters and kissed his wife before they left, and How began to watch Brevan fish for supplies in the cabinets. Despite Brevan being a good cook, Ina had a special way that she liked her food, and it always paid for him to make sure Brevan made her food right.

Hopping down from the counter and onto a chair, How and Paws settled down on the seat cushion and watched Brevan begin to cook.


Sara held the leash tightly as Diggle sniffed around the path, excited that they weren't taking a cart or horses to see Laurel's friend. Despite her love of both modes of transportation, walking was the best way to get around.

She had to keep an eye on her leashed puppy as well as the horde of goblins that wove around her legs, but Isaac and Laurel were walking with her and keeping the most rambunctious goblins out of trouble.

"This is gonna be an adventure!" Jabun smiled "Isaac say that their friends have daughters like you!"

Sara smiled "Yep, and they've got pets and a big yard too just like us, so you goblins and Diggle will be happy until the feast happens."

The goblins chattered among themselves, occasionally throwing out questions to their princess.

"Will the pets be cute and friendly?"

"Do you think they play with acorns like we do?"

"Will we have to behave?"

"I think so, maybe, and yes!" Sara answered. "It'll be fun. Mama and Papa's friends are nice people and royalty of Merith, but they live out here when they aren't needed."

Diggle pulled Sara over to a tree and yipped, before marking the tree and then moving forward.

Jabun smiled "This our territory now! Diggle say so!"

Chuckling as she joined the conversation, Laurel began to lead the odd procession, "Well dogs marking territory doesn't work that way, but it could be a good way to expand our borders. Still, we're nearly there and I can't wait for you all to meet everyone. Queen Serena is a good friend and she'll love all of you."

The smells of roasted meat began to waft through the air as they neared a large house resting in the middle of the clearing, the sounds of the town nearby overpowered by birdsongs and the rushing of a nearby creek.

Isaac squeezed his wife's hand and pointed at the house "Alright, here we are and it looks like Brevan is already preparing for the feast."

The goblins followed their king and queen towards the house, wondering what exactly they would find inside.