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Thankfully, despite their timeouts and the trouble they caused, they still got dessert.

How buried his face in a slice of Brevan's carrot and sugar cake, forgetting about his knife and fork, because his paws couldn't grab them anyway. His tongue lapped out to lick the frosting on his cheeks, vibrating pink.

"Yummy cake!"

Paws pulled her head out of a bowl of cream, causing How to laugh as Paws narrowed her eyes.

"You have cream on your head!" How laughed. "You look funny!"

Paws growled and head-butted How, sending him backward with cream on his head. How had cake on his face, but she wasn't laughing at him!

Now he had cake and cream on his face, and that was funny!

How licked his claws and smiled, not upset by the abundance of cream on his face "Thanks, Paws, now this even yummier!"

The goblins all had massive cookies in their hands, the chocolate oozing out of them and onto their fingers as they chomped.

"Laurel's cookies the best in world!" The goblins cheered as one stacked two cookies on top of one another.

"Now I have two at once!" He smiled, taking a massive bite of the thin cookies and kick-starting a massive contest for the goblins to see which one of them could eat more cookies at once.

Finally, one goblin was armed with a large stack of seven cookies, and Jabun rushed over.

"Hold on, you open your mouth that wide and you break your face!" He chastised.

"It worth it!" The Goblin cheered, stuffing his face and opening his mouth as he chomped on all seven at once. "Yummy cookies and chocolate!"

The goblins chattered at their companion's skills as they wiped their hands on themselves, wondering how exactly he could put seven whole cookies in his mouth at once!

Meanwhile, another goblin who was full of cookies watched Diggle and Saul eating fruit pies, their tails wagging wildly as they licked at the bowls.

He tapped Jabun on the shoulder and pointed at the strange movements. "Why their tails wagging? It look weird!"

Jabun smiled "Sara say that puppies tails wag when they happy! They no smile like us when they happy, but they instead shake their tails!"

"That weird." The goblin thought, before shaking his bottom. "I no feel happier!"

"Maybe if you eat like a puppy you feel what they feel!" Jabun smiled, grabbing a fruit pie. "Try it!"

"Okay!" He smiled, shoving his face into the pie and beginning to eat. The pie was banana, and it was really warm! Eating like this was nice, and maybe Diggle was right, this could make you happier! His mouth was powerfully cutting through any food in his way, and he felt unstoppable!

He pulled out and smiled, wiping his face with his arm. "Yummy! I do feel happy! Puppies have it right!"

"Alright everyone, we need to get going and give you all baths!" Laurel smiled, coming out of the house and staring down at the chocolatey and cream covered goblins.

The collective groan the goblins made while she rounded them up did not disparage her as she gathered them together. Sara followed her mother with a napkin, wiping down the other messes to make sure they didn't drip or leave a trail, and she smiled at Diggle as he licked his fur clean. "Don't worry guys, Laurel and I will give the baths tonight!"

The goblins nodded, at least Sara made baths fun with bubbles and duckies, so it wasn't so bad.

Jabun smiled at How "You a nice furball, and I think we friends! Hope we get to play more soon!"

How and Paws, having licked one another clean, followed the goblins inside the house as Brevan's family said goodbye, closing the door after the last goblin left.

Ina turned to look down at them, leaning over to scratch them behind the ears. "Well you both behaved very well and I hope you had fun!"

She pulled her fingers away and giggled "I think you both need a bath too, then we'll have bedtime."

How pouted softly, especially as Paws turned and darted out the back door at the first mention of a bath, running up the nearest tree and hiding among the leaves.

Sophie grabbed him before he could do the same, and she and Lucia took him upstairs. "We'll bathe you How and then we'll wrap you up in a nice fluffy towel and read you a story! Then mama can tuck us all in!"

How nodded, a towel would be nice, and the girls were great story readers. Plus Ina tuckings were the best.

"Okay!" He smiled, happily being carried towards the bathroom.

After the long day he'd had, he needed a bath and a good sleep!


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