This is my first attempt at a kids book! It's in the style of a picture book ages 2-8 and I would really appreciate any advice you lovely people have to offer. Thank you so much, enjoy!

My story begins on a dark Christmas eve.

As a smallish brown spot in a world of white.

Cold and alone. Too tired to bark.

Curled up tight on some porch, trying to sleep.

Suddenly light shines in my eyes.

And I hear a small, desperate shout.

"Mom, come here! Santa sent us a dog!"

"Goodness gracious!" Mom says

"Better get him indoors."

First, they try to give me a bath.

Scary, at first. But then fun, I decide!

After, with some towels of festive red wool

They fluff up my fur and then wrap me up tight.

They give me a dinner of ham fit for kings.

And I fall asleep smiling by the warm cheerful fire.

"If he is going to stay, he must have a name."

The child whispers, "I have the perfect one!"

It's now a year later, and I am part of the family.

And when winter arrives, it's my favorite now too.

I'm always around to lend a helpful paw.

We have many traditions, and I know them all.

The day after Thanksgiving, we put up our lights.

My job is to help untangle them.

The first snow comes, and we rush out to play.

I make sure the snowman's nose is just so.

We put up our tree. I fetch, and they decorate.

First lights, then tinsel, then the ornaments

And at last the star.

We all snuggle and watch the glow when we finish.

And when we sing carols, I howl with the best.

Going door to door in the sweater Mom made me.

Baking the cookies is always a treat.

I loyally test them for flavor.

Wrapping the presents, the told down the tape.

And piles of ribbons transform into bows.

Under the tree, along with the presents.

I place all my toys, so we can share everything.

And when Santa does come, I greet him quietly.

Patting me on the head, he notices my nametag.

Quite handsome. In red, green, and gold.

"Good boy, Miracle."