The Life of a Tiger

Chapter 1: A Whole New World

Complicated. The only word to describe my life is complicated. From birth (At least I think from birth) I've had unusual but awesome tiger like powers and for 11 years of age I lived in the jungles of Indonesia, which was pretty fun. Then, after the death of my Mother Tiger, I lived for 10 months with two friendly humans, Cinta and Daud, who took me in and treated me like their own son. After being found by a scientific group who wished to study my abilities through dangerous experiments, my owners were going to run away to protect me. That never happened. While running away, I somehow ended up in a crate on the ocean where the current pulled me further and further out to sea, and further and further away from my owners. At this point, I was floating on the ocean not sure where I am or how to get home safely. All I could do was hope that the ocean pulled me back to the shore.

My head stung from the earlier injury where the side of the crate had hit against my head. I could feel the large cut in my forehead and saw the red blood seeping out and down my face. Somehow I had to stop the blood from flowing out of my head. I didn't want to loose too much blood. Looking around the crate, I spotted some blankets that I remembered seeing Cinta put in. I took one of the blankets and used my claws to slice a strip of the material off. I wrapped the strip of white fabric tightly around my forehead and tied it at the back. The blood immediately started staining the fabric but it was all I could do for now. The blood that had been running down my face had dried in the air and stained my skin. I felt the dry blood then reached my arms over the edge of the crate, wet my hands in the salty water and washed the dried blood off my face. Glancing around the crate I realized I only had a limited supply of food and I didn't know how long I'd be on the ocean until I found land. I would have to ration my food if I wanted to survive. It was very late at night so I decided to get some sleep. I would have more chance of survival if I'm fully rested so I curled up into a small ball and closed my eyes dreaming about Cinta and Daud and how great it will be when I return to them.

First day on the sea and I was already having trouble. The up and down motion of the ocean made me feel sick and my head still hurt. My sleep didn't go as planned for the crate was very uncomfortable. While in the crate all I could do was think about what Daud and Cinta were doing. Were they looking for me or were they waiting for me to find a way to return to them. I then started thinking of how I was going to get back home. Maybe the ocean would wash my crate back up to the shore where I had first left, or maybe I'd have to swim home, or create some way of making the crate float back home. I didn't know where I was but whatever land I came to I knew that there must be some nice humans there to help me return home. Checking where the sun was a realized it was about the middle of the day which was usually the time when I'd have lunch. All I had to eat was a small loaf of bread and a few fruits. I only ate a little like I had planned the day before. I sat in the crate, shifting my body to try and get comfortable but I couldn't. Then I spotted the remaining blankets in the crate and decided to lay them out on the bottom of the crate. The blankets made a more comfortable place to sit and to sleep when night comes. I sat on the blankets and watched the clouds as they floated in the sky constantly changing form. After a while I saw the sun setting on the horizon. I had never seen this before and continued staring at it for some time. Eventually, the sun had fully disappeared and stars were cast across the sky, projecting their lights. I curled up in the extra blankets I had laid out earlier and went to sleep. Day one on the vast ocean had passed.

Day two. I was still feeling sick from the ocean but the stinging in my head had dulled a bit. The sun was just rising behind the clouds meaning it was only very early in the morning. I was usually awake early so this didn't bother me. As soon as I woke up I checked over the ocean looking for any sign of land but unfortunately, I found none. How long did it take to find land? Once again I was sitting inside my crate not knowing what to do. I looked around the crate hoping to find something to occupy my time. Surprisingly, I found the dictionary Daud had given to me. I picked it up and began reading it. I didn't care that I had already read it all the way through once, it was the only thing to distract me from my situation. Some time later, I had lunch then continued reading again. I came across the word 'tiger' which immediately set my mind on Mother Tiger. I remembered how she would go out hunting and bring food back for us to eat and the way she would curl up next to me at night. A small tear rolled down my face after remembering Mother Tiger's death that I had witnessed months ago. When Daud and Cinta discovered how I'd lived with the tiger for so long they realized how I felt. They tried to cheer me up by telling me that the tiger was only caring for me because it thought I was it's cub, and I believed them. Daud said Mother Tiger didn't really care for me like humans care for each other because animals don't have the same feelings as humans. I didn't understand at first but then Cinta explained that Mother Tiger's actions towards me were only instinct. I believed Daud and Cinta for they seemed to care for me, but I couldn't help feeling like there was a connection between me and Mother Tiger, even if it was just instinct. Maybe I had the same instincts as Mother Tiger. Hours past and the evening had become night once again. The sky was clear and filled with stars. I watched them twinkle for a while before I fell asleep. Day two was over.

It was day three on the waves and I woke up to the sound of birds. My eyes scanned the skies spotting multiple white and gray birds circling around my crate. I heard something loud screech into my ear and turned to find one of the birds eating the food that was supposed to me mine. "Itu makanan saya" I shouted to the bird, waving my arms in the air scaring it back into the sky. It had already eaten quite a lot of the food and It looked as though other birds had had their share. Quickly I hid the food beneath a blanket so the birds wouldn't be able to eat my only means of survival. I looked over the edge of the crate in hope of seeing land but to my despair, I couldn't see anything but ocean and sky, as far as my eyes could see. I was lucky no storms had past. If a storm came over the waves would cause the crate to tip over and I, along with everything in the crate, would be lost forever. I certainly didn't want that to happen. I had to find land soon. Once again, lunch came and went and nighttime came and once again, I went to sleep hoping in the morning I'd wake to find land.

Light seeped through my closed eyes. I heard birds and the sound of crashing waves but couldn't feel the movement of the ocean. I opened my eyes and saw the usual wood of the crate. Rubbing my eyes, I sat up and looked over the edge of the crate. I could see the deep blue ocean but when I turned around I saw something I never thought I'd see again. Land! I was on land! There was sand covering the ground and trees planted on grass further back. I must have landed on a beach. It was only very early in the morning so I didn't suspect to see any other humans. Quickly, I jumped out of the crate and onto the sand which felt good beneath my feet. I pulled the crate onto it's side, grabbed a blanket and laid it on the sand. I then put the remains of the food and my dictionary on the blanket, wrapped everything up and slung the blanket bag over my shoulder. Overjoyed, I began walking further onto the land. I never wanted to go on the ocean again. I was on land and nothing would get me off.

Even though slightly gray clouds were scattered across the sky I still had to shield my eyes from the sunlight as I looked in the direction of the sun. It was now nearly lunch time. The heat was so intense that I began to sweat. Maybe I would find another human who would be nice enough to help me find some water and tell me where I am. I had reached a road and was walking beside it hoping to find a sign or something that would tell me where I had landed. The blanket bag that was still slung over my shoulder started to weigh me down and hurt my shoulder. It felt like I was carrying rocks so I shifted the bag to my other shoulder. I felt a cool, strong wind brush past me and looked up to the sky. I realized the once small gray clouds were now a lot larger signally rain or a storm. I hoped it was only rain. I like the rain, it's cool and refreshing and fun to play in but a storm would prove dangerous to me, especially since I have no shelter. The sky was growing darker and darker. Suddenly, I noticed a flicker of light in the distance. A little while after the flash of light appeared a loud crack of thunder boomed across the sky. The sudden noise made me jump. Just what I didn't need, a storm. Cinta and Daud had taught me about how to know the distance of a storm so I knew that the storm wasn't too far away. Quickly I began looking for shelter. I could see houses but I didn't want to disturb anyone and I didn't think anyone would help a strange boy like me. Cinta and Daud had also taught me about the dangers of a lightning storm and what places are safe and unsafe. Rain began to pour from the heavy clouds and the sound of thunder grew louder and louder. The storm was moving very fast and getting very close. I watched the clouds move swiftly across the sky and lightning flash across the sky. As I ran further along the road I noticed that I was surrounded either by trees or tall poles that lined the road. The wind picked up and blew all around me and I could tell that the storm was directly above the area I was in. Luckily it was moving fast so it would pass quickly overhead but not before causing trouble. I decided to keep walking instead of finding shelter so I walked in the opposite direction to where the storm was traveling. That way, I would get out of the storm faster. I was walking past some trees when out from the sky a flash of lightning struck one of the trees at light speed. The loudest clap of thunder I had ever heard shook the ground as the tree was struck. The shock stopped me in my tracks and stung my ears. I gripped my ringing ears in pain. The tree caught fire after being hit and began to fall. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that I was standing directly where the tree was falling and I didn't notice until it hit me in the back of my head.

My vision was fuzzy, my head hurt more than ever, my legs weren't working and my ears were still ringing. My heart beat pounded in my chest making it hard to breath. Rain was still pouring heavily and thunder could still be heard but was very faint. I tried to take in my surroundings but my vision was blocked by tears. I remembered how a tree was struck by lightning and had fallen on me which had probably knocked me out. Lifting my head up I noticed the water running beneath me had turned red. I was bleeding. I went to feel the back of my head where the tree had hit me but I couldn't. My arms and legs were too hurt to move. I turned my head and saw the tree branch still on me preventing me from getting up. I was stuck. The rain continued to pour as I lay on the road in tears. The branch would not move no matter how hard I tried to move it. I was still struggling to breath and had given up on trying to move the branch. Instinctively, I roared just like Mother Tiger had taught me. I tried to get attention but no humans were around. My voice was croaky and roaring hurt my throat. Eventually I started feeling light headed again and oxygen was getting harder and harder to breath in. I called out one last time for help but still no one heard. Then my limbs went numb and I fainted.

To Be Continued…

Writer's note:

Sorry this chapter took a while to upload. I've been very busy because it's birthday and Christmas season in my family. I will soon be uploading at a rate of once every few days.