The Great Void Beyond

Please note that you can place this into fiction… or with a grain of salt. I do not really care one way or the other.

So… This is a short story entire galaxies, ages ago. Last time I visited this place… it was over 6 earth life spans ago. Meaning that this universe was recreated 6 other times before the time I started on this small venture.

Some quick note before I jump into this though. I never named things… So I will be using weird but standard names of things. 2 I will explain it as naturally as I can from my souls point of view as this is the main perspective I use. Lastly… I will be using descriptions from this planet to kind of shorten what exactly I saw, & faced. Given they didn't look very close to anything that is here.

I came into existence before time, & before any form of life or even light existed. Stars did not exist… Planets had not yet been formed. At least as far as my sight & my senses could tell. Since space expands so greatly far beyond my senses… I will stick to what I know & could feel.

I was the very first thing to exist. To my knowledge I was alone. I do not know who, or what created me… I have no clue of how I came to be or what to do with my existence. Nothing to really do for… I am guessing… billions of years. Until one day… Something miraculous happened. A great & powerful thing… beyond measure… & beyond my comprehension created… What I have come to call my sister.

I was born from darkness & she was born from light. Opposites set into the same playing field of space. Like such things… we didn't always get along. We weren't all knowing, or even really all anything really. Much like children we were learning & looking, searching, trying to understand all of this. It was all a mystery. Then one day… we clashed… from that clash sent out massive waves of energy.

Jumping ahead... billions of years passed… & little lights & various forms & rotations of space started to form what are now known as… galaxies. Various rocks & such formed all over the place. Except… for one place. I called it the great void beyond. It's the only thing I ever snagged the name of. The name came that place by various forms of aliens… Who named it for this reason…

The great void beyond… The place of my birth & also… the place that has no light. When inside this place… no light can be seen inside. Nor can anything of light be brought into this place… without it getting snuffed out.

Theories have passed on that this place has expanded… Some have noticed over billions of years.. that this place has retracted. I theorize that this place… a place without any light, & a place darkness can not gain any power… except myself… Is actually… a pure black nebula. Rotating & seemingly expanding & retracting.

That is my home… the place I retreat to when I need to evolve, or change… the place I go to Absorb knowledge, or just to find some silence.

Please note… I do not claim God hood, nor do I claim to be better, at anything than any other being here. I am simply recalling things as I go along.

Just beyond my home… Off to a place once outside the Great Void Beyond, is a star… so bright & so powerful that all things near it turn to white sheet. So blinding this (What I claim to think of as the first star), is that even Gods go blind trying to peer into it's depths. This will be my navigation point like the north star here on earth.

In the direction of this "First" Star is a rock of a planet. About 2/3s the size of this earth. It's rotation is about the same… maybe a bit faster. This little rock… a tiny spec unto me… is just beyond the reach on my home.

Let me explain something so as to not loose anyone here. I am temporal form. A source of energy that can change form anytime with enough force of Mind & Will. So I can change size at will & maintain energy levels.

I visited this little rock. I gave it no name, nor the things living on it any names. Not my job. I am very lazy & at the time.. lacked the creativity to do such things. I came here for a multitude of reasons. Shame being one of them. I failed being a God, guardian, & protector of the things developing inside my realm. My sister left ages ago & did not return any time since.

I am sorry if I am jumping around here… but I do not like things that rule over others… Nor did I like that part of my life even a little bit. But like a child… I played with the new things until I realized… I was only causing more problems than helping. So I will be leaving out this detail as to me… it is not of very much importance beyond teaching me more about myself & things around me.

This rock… I change myself to a much smaller form. I saw this place… what seemed to be empty. My very first visit was during the day time. An hour passed & all light faded from this planet. That is when all things came to life. Animals bite into my soul, draining all they could from me. From desperation or sheer hunger I do not know.

I decided after watching these…. things… whatever they were… To make myself a vessel. Much like what we all have now. Bodies, with flesh 7 bone. Blood & tissue. That sort of thing. I wanted an equal chance as the creatures. I figured… that if I could co-exist here… I could live in any scenario under any conditions.

My sight as my ethereal form was not as vast as what tissue eyes can see. Anything smaller than myself, seemed… insignificant by this point. They were there, & although they bite, they did not take enough for it to matter in the least.

But… when I take over the empty vessel… Everything… become vast, expanded. Senses like smell, taste, touch, hearing, even tastes…. enhanced greatly. Things like… pain; hurt. Emotions… were extremely hard to deal with. All of this… vastness & I was only in the vessel for a few minutes.

After a while a rodent like creature bite my foot. I gasp exasperated & fearful. Two emotions I knew nothing about, or could explain. Withdrawing quickly still unstable in my vessel, the rat thing chases after me wanting a bigger chunk of me. My foot still in great pain, a new sensation to me… I try to run. But my stability in this new shell was not yet discovered.

I retreat on all fours. Hands & feet. But no matter where I went or how fast I got there… I was chased down by some creature or other as food.

That was the first realization I came to as a "lesser" being. It was also the very worst day of my life.

Hours go by… My body tired beyond all recognition. A new sensation surfaced in my gullet. Emptiness… the kind that without tending to… can make one even more tire.

Just then… a great flash of light sweeps over me & my surroundings. All of the wild life retreat from fear. This gave me rest… until an hour passed & the light retreats to the far sides of my sight. Sweeping over the land like a giant broom on a floor.

Hunger… still at large I search for food. I learned very quickly the little bit of plant life here was not for the eating. But I tried many various plants. All of which over a few days upset my stomach in various ways. Some caused out right pain throughout the body, & some bring me to deaths door.

I want to quickly enter this little thing here. Death… I learned to be friends with this great being. Many call him a horseman. Many call him an angel of death. Messenger, of carrier of souls. While many are so/so in accuracy… I found this being to be much older than myself. He was the very first thing to have been developed. He reins over all things that live & even some things in the ethereal form.

To me… he was never scary. I saw many travel with this wondering spirit. Many a time we would chat. Not very long chats. He I much wiser, & far more knowledgeable than I am even now. When I meet him… I see a familiar face, & relief that my duties as a living entity has finally come to pass. Also… he has a great taste in foods. Only the very best does he ever eat.

This was my very first encounter with Death. I talked with him… as I talk to any other being. I informed him… that I was not yet finished learning about this place. That a bit more time was needed to learn & that I had no plans in returning to this place in this form again once down. Death agreed to these terms. He saw that I was not naive, grasping onto life as I was simply trying to learn… Anything & everything. Hardship was the case in this matter. I found him to be quite reasonable in most cases.

I learned the next few days… that the animals on this planet were the only source of food I could find & not nearly kill myself from. I found a large body of water which helped fill my vessel up. But… Every time I drank… I became thirsty. My mouth would go dry.

There was something wrong with this place. It drives creatures absolutely nuts. Almost all of the creatures alive here are predators of some form or other. There are Rodents… These became my major food source. Since night time my sense of sight was so poor from lack of nutrition. I had to wait till food came to me. I would follow glowing plants to new bodies of water. Sometimes I would rip or uproot a plant for a light source. Carry one in my hands as a lantern or torch.

Fire FYI was still foreign to me at this time. Creating fire was even more of a mystery to me. I never really took the time to learn the ways or things smaller than myself. Until… this point of my life.

I searched regularly for new bodies of water. Believing that there might be a less dry mouth version of water.

In the time I spent searching, I found that the world only consisted of about 1/3 water to dirt.

This planet is very cold all the time. & daytime happened only 1/19th of the time. Making 18 hours of darkness & 1 hour of daytime. Or time of light.

The light as I learned to discover came from a reflection of another planet an unknown distance from this one. The reflection happens rather uniquely. The angle is always a point of indirect light striking this other planet then hitting this planet sweeping the land until either the reflection falls off of the planet or the rotation curves the planet to the point I can no longer see the light.

I spent a great majority of my time bored. Or fighting creatures. Sometimes I could fight with a sturdy stick I found from a large enough plant. Most of the time I spent fighting with my bear fists. I learned to aim for the eyes & throat. Fists made some pretty powerful blunt force attacks.

Now on to the beasts. There were many to count. Some represented cat like creatures. These things have this eerie feel about them that make your skin crawl. The generally blend perfectly into the environment with dark gray coats, or black fur. They have this odd purr noise they use to strike fear. This sound reminds me much of what very powerful drums do for sound. Their eyes I think are the creepiest part. I only ever saw one of these things faces. It had long hairs protruding from it's face, & 4 eyes. Two that looked directly at you, & 1 on each side giving this beast a side view of it's environment.

These things you never heard unless they wanted you to hear them. Then never present themselves to any form of light. I could have sworn they created their own shadows to hide in. Lucky for me… trees did not grow very tall on this planet. So they didn't climb trees. I suspect… but do not know for sure… that they hid in caves during the short spread of day time. I never took the time to find out.

The next & most common would be these wolf creatures. They came a large variety of colors of grays blacks & in rare cases… whites. Many had spots kind of like a cheetahs or leopards on earth. These creatures were extremely intelligent. They flak, corner, & even attack from behind. They also only attacked in groups, & attack weak points of their prey.

One time I got caught & surrounded by these beasts. I usually only retaliated when a creature attacked me. The moment they had a bite into my body. My vessel was not special in any way. So it was not like I was super strong or anything. But these Wolf like creatures were kind of small. I do not have an actual measurement to work from… but I would say about the size of medium sized dogs.

I did not like fighting these things… & usually… the light is what saved me. Most I found to live in caves in times of quiet. They also seemed to have internal clocks built in because they always knew when the light was about to shine on us all.

These creatures had 4 legs, semi sharp claws, long dog like snout. They had this odd split in the ears… it made it look like they had two ears not 1. But they only had 1 set of eyes. Made them the more pretty of creatures.

There was this Rhino/gorilla like creature… terrible temper… & not friendly to anything. Even to their own kind except during mating season. Then it was short lived before they part ways of die trying.

So… This creature has arms much like a gorilla & legs shorter than the front legs but twice as powerful. This beast rippled in muscle tone. The creature had very little fur or hair, but instead had lots of bulk. Much like a rhino. It's face represented something similar to a rhino's with a massive set of horns. It had tiny eyes I could swear it can not see very well through. It's hid was tough… extremely tough. Very few creatures ever tried to deal with these things. It had no tail to speak of. Plus an armor over lap… kind of like an armadillo.

It's hand like feet have very sharp claws on all four. It's face has gnarly teeth made for tearing. It was not a sight I liked seeing.

I was the only thing dumb enough to actually traipse into it's turf. Out running one is not a very successful project either.

Most of the creatures though consisted of the most annoying rodent creatures I could ever have dealt with. Many like the wolves came in varying black, grays, & sometimes whites. Many looked like the equivalent of pack rats. They got to be the size of very large rabbits.

Speaking of rabbits… there were little carnivore rabbits as well. Sharp little teeth… long ears, run fast as all get out. You had to let them take a bit out of you before you could catch one. Fair trade I guess… Painful as it was.

These are just a few examples of the creatures. I do not recall any bird like creatures. I do not think there was much left for them to co-exist. There were tons of insects though. So many kinds a varieties… These were probably the least of my problems really.

Now to talk about the ground. I walked for years, & years on the surface of this place. My feet gained tough armor as well as my knees & hands. My body gained a small layer or tough hide as well. But no matter how tough my hide was… the ground felt like tiny needles shoving themselves into the skin. I never really gained any resilience to the pain in any one place. But I got used to walking on this dirt.
Last but not least… Clouds & Weather… Most days… I saw maybe a cloud or two. There was this one time though that it rained… I was near a very large body of water feeding from mountain… more like a large hill really. The rain hit my shin & felt so much like a sting from a bee at some points. Given the pain didn't linger nearly as long. But you get the gist. Fog happened often though at random intervals on water surfaces. I happen to know that it snowed often as well on very tall mountains & hills large enough to gather snow. These places usually lead to water sources to.

I never did find a water source that did not make my mouth feel like it was dry. I lasted… I am estimating maybe 5 years. Before I finally just died of insufficient food requirements.

That is when I finally grasped Deaths hand & transferred myself back to my ethereal form. Back to a confused energy blob.

That is all for now… & all that I will speak of…