"Well, looks like that's the end of it."

Jaden commented, and the audience that was watching just applauded. After that, they just all went back inside, and Frost was sitting by himself at a table, waiting for Chris or Valkoor to show up, and then Jaden came by again, and put what seemed to be a cyan booster pack in front of him?

"Hey, how about opening one of these?"

He offered, making Frost slightly surprised.

"H-Huh? Is that really alright?"

He asked, seeing how that was a product, and all.

"Of course, I'll just charge you double next time you get something here."

Jaden joked.


Frost didn't seem to get it at first.

"Heh, I'm joking, pal. It's on me. Hey, mind if I look at your deck while you open that, though?"

Jaden asked, and Frost didn't really have a reason to decline, and just handed his deck to him, and just started opening the pack.

"Hey, question...does this deck have a Victory Drive? At all? 'cause I'm not seeing any here."

Jaden asked Frost, who just slowly shook his head.

"No...the deck didn't come with any."

"I see...Well, you never know, maybe the pack can help."

Jaden said, and then Frost looked at the cards...

"Some Saving Graces...A few Cost 1s I can use..."

He commented, but then just shook his head.

"I don't see any Victory Drives in here."

This just made Jaden frown a bit.

"Well, that's unfortunate. Then again, I kind of expected it'd go like one of those card shows on TV, you know, where people pull what they specifically need out of a single pack...guess that's shame on me, then."

He told Frost, who just...blinked, and wasn't really sure how to respond to that.

"W-Well, anyways, I appreciate you trying to help me, though. I think I can use some of these."

Frost decided to change the subject, and then Jaden seemed to have a strange idea out of the blue.

"Wait! I know a way to get you stronger! Hey, take a look at this!"

Jaden said, before going off and getting what seemed to be a flyer, and Frost just read over it.

"The...Fierce Ultra Creatures Klash? They spelled 'Clash' wrong...Wait, is this a tournament?"

Frost asked, with a bit of a shocked expression.

"Yup...Each shop sends representatives over there during those, and It just so happens that even with Chris and Valkoor being recommended, I was in need of one more, so...It'd pit you against plenty of people that could help you get stronger!"

Jaden told Frost.

"Jay..! I'd just lose in the first match..!"

Frost replied, still not exactly sure about this, and then Jaden just tapped his chin in thought.

"Actually...With how you did against me, your capabilities just seem unrefined, I think you could go far with a little self-confidence, and a Victory Drive...Fortunately, I know just how to solve both of those issues, seeing how the pack didn't work."

Jaden then said, and started writing down...an address, and then handed it to Frost.

"Tomorrow morning, visit this address. Rumor has it that someone lives in that home with the ability to...well, make Victory Drives appear, under the right circumstances."

He told Frost, who just raised an eyebrow.

"...Make them appear? Are those kinds of cards even allowed?"

He asked Jaden, who just nodded.

"Yeah, the cards made are real, otherwise a Bracer wouldn't unbind them."

He answered, and Frost just looked at the address.

"Well, it's...not too far from where I live, so...It's worth a shot."

Frost said, mostly to himself.

"That's the spirit! I think you'll do well in the Fierce Ultra Creatures Klash! ...Although, I'm gonna be honest...maybe we should shorten that."

Jaden commented, and Frost knew what shortening it would spell.

"...Let's not."

He simply said, and Jaden picked up on it, and nodded.

"...Let's just call it the Creature Klash, then."

Jaden said.

"Well, I should get going. I'll visit that place tomorrow, Thanks for the help, Jay."

Frost told Jaden, and left, as Jaden waved to him.