Rayne sighed as the boy finished this story. "But why was he chasing you?" He asked cautiously. Elliot looked down and shook his head, clearly too overwhelmed to talk about it more."Alright, I understand, a topic for another day." He nodded and reached for his cane."Do you want to go upstairs and find the girls?" Elliot nodded this time as Rayne stood."Alrighty then." The man held out his hand for the child, who nearly instantly took it.

Rayne walked him to the door and opened it to Alec and Hiccup chatting as the girls sat on the stairs.

"Elli!" Ani cried, and rushed towards the pair, Molly not too far behind. Rayne gingerly let go of Elliot's hand as the girls hugged their brother. He didn't miss the boy wince but chose to ignore it for now. He hobbled over to Hiccup and Alec.

"So then, what's the damage?" Rayne asked. Alec winced at the captain's bluntness.

"Well, all three of them are extremely malnourished, but I'm sure you already figured that out. The girls are fine for the most part, a couple scratches most likely from whatever gave the boy his wounds, again, you probably figured that part out-"

"Alec, I truly don't mean to be rude, but what's the point in telling me what you know I already know?" Rayne interrupted him, leaning on his good leg. The doctor hesitated, not making eye contact."There's something you don't want to tell me, isn't there?" Rayne prompted him.

"Alright, alright, yes...the boy has bruised ribs, that much is certain, and if it weren't for you calling me, that big cut, the one on his arm, it would most definitely have gotten infected. In fact, I'm not entirely sure if it wasn't already or not. " He sighed and told them. Hiccup bit her lip.

"And what about the girls?" She asked hesitantly. Alec relaxed at that question.

"Oh, the girls! Well, aside from what I already told you, and a couple scratches here and there, and about as many bruises as the boy, they should be fine." He nodded, closing his bag. "If something arises, let me know." He looked at the couple. And with that, the man thanked Poppy as she slipped the coat on, put on his hat, and was on his merry way.

The couple looked at each other, then back at the children, who had been for the past while, talking with each other.

"But whaddabout Clarence?"

"Do you think they'd 'onestly let us stay 'ere?"

"B-Bill ain't gonna come b-b-ba.. 'E ain't gonna find us, is 'e?"

"No, no 'course not."

"Ani's right, an, an if 'e does, we'll protect ya this time." Molly seemed to quiet their conversation as she hugged them both. Rayne and Hiccup went over to them, and with his wife's help, they both managed to sit down with the children. He gently tapped Molly. She jumped, as did the others, but she turned around. Rayne lowered his hand and looked to Hiccup. She was always better at this sort of thing.

"Alright then. What shall we do now?" She asked them. The three of them looked at each other.

"Well, we.. we probably oughta thank you. S-Since you 'elped us, a-an Elliot." Ani pointed out. Molly nodded in agreement, and Elliot hung back a little, clinging to his sister's borrowed nightgown."So..thank you." She concluded her thought. Hiccup smiled.

"It's no problem at all dear. We just did what any decent person would have." She insisted. Rayne smiled at that. That was one of the things that made him love Hiccup so much. She did extraordinary things without thinking twice. And she had so much faith in people, thinking that they would do the same. It was one of her best qualities.

"Well then. I'm sure the lot of you are probably still hungry, eh?" He smiled, their growling stomachs giving him the answer. He chuckled at that."I'll take that as a yes." He stood with a little help from Hiccup, and they lead the children down to the kitchens. Well, Hiccup started to. Rayne hung back a little.

He searched around for Poppy. The man hobbled down another hallway and opened a closet. He saw the two girls snogging inside said closet."Grace, Poppy, if you please, out." He asked and stood back, leaving room for them to get out. "Alright. Grace, I want you to brush off the front steps and the patio in the back. Poppy, if anyone comes to the door you believe is unimportant, tell them I'll get back to them later….And for god's sake, please put some trousers on, Grace." He turned around and went back towards the kitchens.