Elliot and his sisters wandered about the house. Rayne had suggested they explore the house, and the three of them had jumped at the chance. Molly now led the way, poking her head into every room with an open door. So far they'd found three empty bedrooms, a lavatory with a bathtub and two large mirrors, four different locked doors, two closets(one containing different kinds of cloth, hankies and blankets; one with all sorts of tools that they were unsure of the uses for) and one room specifically for houseplants. They'd decided not to ask.

After exploring the top floor(And looping a couple times round to make sure they hadn't missed anything), they went down the ground floor, immediately running into Poppy. Or rather, she ran into the three of them, literally. The four of them toppled to the ground.

"Oh dear, I'm so sorry ma- Oh, hello you lot." She smiled at the sight of the children, and not her boss. The curly haired maid quickly helped them up."And what are you three up to?" She asked, crouching down to be at their eye level.

"We've been explorin!' Molly replied cheerfully. Molly liked Poppy. She thought the girl was extremely pretty, and the 8 year old thought that other than hiccup's dresses she'd seen so far, Poppy's hazel brown eyes were the prettiest things she'd ever seen.

"Exploring? Really? Well that sounds fun! What have you seen so far?" She asked. Ani immediately listed off the things they'd found with a great deal of pride than was probably needed for such a list. "Well, those are great finds indeed." She replied, smiling. "You know, I don't think we've been properly introduced." She stuck out her hand, which was calloused and small."Hello there, my name's Poppy." She giggled. Molly was the first to shake the hand. Clarence had always told them to shake a hand if it was offered.

"I'm Molly!" She replied enthusiastically. Poppy smiled at her eagerness."An' that's Ani, she's my big sister! An' that's Elliot!" The brunette pointed out her siblings enthusiastically. Poppy nodded along with her and looked back at the other two. Elliot was hiding behind his older sister, looking up at Poppy, but not daring to step closer. Ani was holding his hand loosely, focused intently on the maid.

"Well, it's very nice to meet you. Now, would you three like to come exploring with me? I think it'd be a might easier to explore with a guide." She stood up, extending her hand once more. Once again, molly took it, and extended hers to Ani, who took that hand, and gripped Elliot's tighter.

Together, the four of them made it through and around the house. Elliot liked the kitchen and how nice it smelled. Molly liked the dormant garden, a multitude of sticks driven into the earth. Ani thoroughly enjoyed the large windows in the even larger ballroom. And Poppy loved the way that everything seemed to amaze the children.

"It's so beautiful!" Ani exclaimed as she ran around the ballroom, staring into the floor at her reflection. Poppy shone with pride.

"Well thank you, Grace an' I work real hard to keep it that way." She replied. Elliot tugged on her skirt at that.

"Who's Grace?" He asked shyly. Suddenly, a woman with flaming red hair and wearing a pair of dungarees over a dirty white shirt walked in, her cheeks still rosy from shoveling the snow that had fallen the night before.

"Did I hear my name?" She asked, grinning broadly before kissing Poppy on the cheek. The three children blinked with blank looks on their faces. Poppy turned to them.

"Um, kids, this is Grace, she's the gardner most of the time." She said, blushing a little. Molly looked between the pair of them, then gasped.

"You loove 'er!" She exclaimed. Elliot made a face of disgust at that.

"Eww, kissin's gross!" He boldly declared. Ani only rolled her eyes.

"Sorry bout those two, they ain't seen much romance." She shrugged and went to her siblings. The two girls were only laughing slightly at the scene.

"What's all the noise about?" They heard Rayne hobble into the ballroom. Molly ran up to him.

"We was explorin, we was! Poppy an grace were showin' us the ballroom!" She explained, trying to pull him forward. Thankfully, she wasn't quite that strong, so Rayne didn't have to worry about falling over. The man chuckled and looked around at the spacious room.

"Were they now?" He smiled, looking at the two girls. "Well, it's been awhile since I've been in here." He mused. "So kids, what do you think of it?" He asked jokingly. Ani's eyes instantly lit up.

"It's huuuuge! And it's real pretty it is! An' you can see your ref..refleck.. Reflection! You can see yer face in it!" She started jumping about. Molly nodded along as her sister babbled on, and Elliot just had a small smile on his face as he continued to peer around the room. Poppy and Grace giggled at the sight. The gardner went up to her boss.

"You're planning something sir, aren't you?" She smirked. Rayne rolled his eyes.

"I could be, still thinking about it. Now, you two, get back to work, and I'd better not find you in the linen closet again, or at the very least, choose a different one." He smirked back, said smirk only widening as both girls scuttled off, their faces scarlet.

The captain looked back towards the children and limped over to the three of them. "So, I'd assume you three are quite tired out by now?" He asked, his eyebrow raised. The three siblings looked at him, then to each other, back at him, and simultaneously shook their heads. Rayne bellowed with laughter, and soon the children, even Elliot, joined in. After a few minutes of laughter, Rayne calmed down, and calmed the kids down, and straightened up."Well then, why don't we go get something to eat, I believe Cass was mentioning something about a yorkshire pudding." He gently grasped Elliot's hand, and the boy latched onto Ani's hand, who took Molly's hand, and the four of them made their way off towards the kitchen, the thought of the ballroom lingering in Rayne's mind.