I was walking through my life

With not a friend in sight

Every night I cried and prayed

But no-one came in spite.

One night I had a peaceful dream,

And all my fears dissolved.

In my dream I had a friend,

And someone I could love.

As I slept that peaceful night,

The dream I dreamed was short.

Someone there had caught my eye,

A man I'd known before.

He approached me and we talked,

We played some games and laughed-

We laughed so hard we cried that night

I'd never felt more glad.

When I awoke as morning came,

My happiness remained.

Peacefulness enveloped me

As I went on my way.

On that same day our paths converged,

And I could almost swear

That wasn't just coincidence,

You were an answered prayer.

We walked together several months

But never hand in hand.

However, I felt close to you,

I knew you were my friend.

I needed to be near to you

Whatever chance I got,

But after all that we'd been through,

It seemed like all's for naught.

Somewhere along, our paths were split,

Like I had never thought.

Our bond had just begun to build,

And now our journey'd stopped.

I waited for a while and then,

As I was moving on,

I found myself alone again-

I blinked and you were gone.

You're far away and out of reach

Our time has met its end.

But even though you're far away,

You'll always be my friend.

I will not see you for a while,

For years and years, it seems,

And then one day you may become

An answer to my dreams

Then one day we will meet again

On earth or in the skies

Though life will change our paths for us

And time will pass us by,

One day our paths may cross again,

Wherever we may be,

We'll come together hand in hand

And walk in harmony.


Based on a true story. -Ace