Chapter 10

I loved taking the limo, even if the mall was right down the street. I always travelled in style.

I was the first to step out of the limo. "Let's go," I said.

"Where first?" asked Holly.

"I have an idea," I said. The other girls followed me, and we found ourselves in Victoria's Secret.

"Rosie," Holly said. "Fashion lesson one. Always wear cute panties."

"Woah," said Rosie as she glanced around at the selection of panties. "They're so pretty."

"There's so many to choose from here," said Holly. "Pink panties, white panties, polka dotted and striped panties. I can't make up my mind."

Holly grabbed a pair of bikini cut bottoms with ribbons in one hand and a yellow g-string in the other.

"Just remember," I said. "Less is more."

"Less is more?" asked Rosie.

I held up a g-string in front of her.

"You girls really dig deep for fashion," said Rosie. "Like seriously."

"This is just the beginning," said Jazzy. "Wait until we get to pants and skirts."

"Rosie, fashion is more than just how you look," I said. "It's about power, feeling, and how you want to be looked at by everyone else. There's a whole science to fashion. C'mon, let's buy some."

We scrummaged through the stores, buying as many cute clothes as we could find. We spent hours looking for clothes, Holly, Rosie and I, while Violet was in some emo shop and Jazzy went to the pet store to get her dog a toy. Rosie was smart. She caught on fast.

"These jeans are so small," said Rosie.

"That's why they call them skinny jeans, Rosie," I said. "They're not for Pattie Richards, that's for sure."

"But there's no way they will fit," said Rosie.

"Just try them on," said Holly. "You don't know until you try them on."

"Ughh…" said Rosie. "I can't get them over my butt."

"Just pull them up and jump," said Holly. "Pull them up and jump." She said it like it was a theme song.

Rosie did some stupid jump and nearly fell over.

"Not like that," I said.

Finally she got them on.

"Ugh… I got them on," said Rosie. "But can I get them off?"

"Don't worry," I said. "You look great."

"I can hardly move," said Rosie.

"You just need to get used to them," said Holly. "And find your size. Try this pair next."

We got Rosie to know the ins and outs of fashion. At least the basics. When we met up again at the food court, Rosie was already a different girl. She had on a white mini-skirt, boots, and a short top.

"How did it go?" asked Jazzy.

"Amazing," said Rosie, twirling around. "I feel amazing. I love how free this skirt feels."

"You look… dazzling," said Jazzy. "Seriously, you look really good."

"All thanks to me," said Holly. "Your fashion queen."

"Yeah right," I said. "And Violet, please no comments. Don't ruin her breakthrough."

"I didn't say anything," said Violet.

"Yeah, but I know what you're thinking," I said.

Violet sighed, half giggled, and changed the subject. "Geez, Holly, how many bags of clothes did you buy?"

"Let's see," said Holly, panting as she carried five bags of clothes. "I have one from American Eagle. That's my new jeans. One from Hollister too, another pair of jeans and a halter top. Victoria's Secret had a panties sale, buy two get one free, so I bought like ten pairs. And some shirts from Abercrombie."

"You're such a Barbie zombie," said Violet.

"At least I don't shop in the Halloween store all year round," said Holly.

"Shut up," said Violet.

"Will you two stop arguing?" I asked.

"Fine, I suppose so," said Violet. "Did we miss any stores? I think we went to all the shops."

"I might want to get some more panties," said Holly. "Did I mention it's a big pantie sale?"

"Yes, you did," said Violet, rolling her eyes.

"I just remembered," I said. "I have something really important to get. Over at Katie's Jewelers. C'mon."

"Katie's Jewelers?" asked Violet. "Isn't the jewelry there like really expensive?"

"Yeah," I said. "But it's on sale. C'mon already…"

The girls followed me into Katie's Jewelers. I've always liked this place, though it's always expensive. My dad did a lot of business with Katie. We haven't seen her for awhile, but her shop is still there. But nothing is cheap there.

I specifically wanted a necklace that had both diamonds and sapphires intertwined. It was on sale, but still way over the price range. If my dad saw I bought it with his credit card, he'd kill me. But in all honesty, I've stared at the necklace for years and years, hoping and wishing to get it. Now it was at it's cheapest. $15,000.

"Look," I said, pointing at the necklace through the glass.

"Woah, Marigold, that's a lot of money," said Violet.

"But just think if I had that necklace," I said. "I'd be the most popular girl at our school."

"Marigold, you already are the most popular girl at our school," said Jazzy.

"I know. But it would make me even more popular," I said. "Like in the whole town."

"Do you really need it?" asked Violet. "At that price?"

"As much as I want it," I said. "It's not for me."

"Then who is it for?" asked Violet.

"My grandmother," I lied. "She's got a rare disease and is very sick. She's wanted a necklace like this all her life, but no one in our family could afford it, not even my parents."

"Maybe get her one at a lower price," said Jazzy.

"No, it's got to be this one," I said. "I don't want anything less… Rosie, what do you think?"

"I think Jazzy's right," said Rosie. "That's way too much money."

"What do you know?" I asked. "You've been in America for two days."

"Do you girls always have so much money?" asked Rosie.

"Sometimes," I said. "But not for necklaces like this."

"You're serious about getting that?" asked Holly.

"Yeah," I said. "It's worth more than all the panties you can imagine."

"How're you going to get something like that?" asked Holly.

"I still owe Rosie a dare, don't I?" I asked.

"What?" asked Rosie.

"I owe you a dare," I said.

"What does that have to do with anything?" asked Rosie.

"I dare you to get me that diamond necklace," I said.

"How do you suppose I do that?" Rosie asked. "I don't have that kind of money."

"Steal it," I said.

"You want me to steal it?" asked Rosie.

"It's not going to magically disappear out of the glass and into my hands, is it?" I asked.

"You're serious?" Rosie asked.

"Rosie, I need this necklace," I said.

"But it's so wrong to steal," said Rosie. "The Bible forbids it. I'd do any other dare. Anything besides this."

"Can we make you dress like a whore and walk out on the streets?" asked Violet.

"C'mon, let's focus," I said. "We need to think about the necklace."

"You can't make me do this," said Rosie. "It's illegal."

"Don't make her do it, Marigold," said Jazzy. "She's a Christian."

"It's only illegal if you get caught," I said. "No one is paying any attention in this place, and look at how many things I've shoplifted and gotten away with. Right Holly?"

"She is the best at it," said Holly.

"Then why don't you shoplift it?" asked Rosie. "You're the one who wants the necklace."

"Because it's a dare," I said. "And I'm only used to stealing small things. Underwear, makeup, stuff like that. Nothing this big. It's a dare, Rosie. It's not supposed to be easy."

"Rosie, are you chicken?" smirked Violet.

"Marigold, this is stupid," said Jazzy. "Don't make her do it."

"My grandmother is on her deathbed, Rosie," I said with tears in my eyes. "She may never get to see this necklace again."

"I…" stuttered Rosie. "I can't do this."

"Fine," I said. "Wimp out and you'll never be a GLAM girl ever again. You'll never know the secrets about fashion and what it's like to be the most powerful girls at our school. You've only got a small taste of it, Rosie, and you'll never have that feeling again, unless you get an edge."

"An edge?" asked Rosie.

"Every GLAM girl has an edge," I said. "We may look like sugar and spice and everything nice, but we know how to get mean when we need to."

"But I don't want to get mean," said Rosie.

"Then you don't really want to be a GLAM girl, do you?" I asked.

She wasn't sure how to react. She stood there and sulked and began to cry.

"You're crying? Really?" I said. "Wow, I totally overestimated you."

"Look, I… I…" Rosie stammered.

"Sounds like you need a speech therapist," I said. "Look, Rosie. I'm not trying to be mean. I'm just preparing you. This GLAM girl stuff isn't easy. It's not for everyone. You've got to take some major risks if you want to be popular."

"You call stealing an expensive necklace just a risk?" asked Rosie.

"It's a challenge," I said. "And if you do this, we'll let you in on everything. Even the memo."

"So you're testing me?" asked Rosie.

"Well, kinda," I said. "It's more of a challenge I'd say. But it's your choice. You're not alone in this. We're here to help you get that necklace. We'll do anything to help you, right?"

"Right," said Holly, Jazzy, and Violet respectively.

"And if I don't do it?" asked Rosie.

"Then you can forget about GLAM. Kiss it goodbye. Never once think about popularity again," I said. "You will forever be known as the girl who wears the dress that Picasso threw up all over. See, I even have the picture." I showed her on my phone. It was a picture of her with a goofy expression in that same disgusting dress.

The other girls laughed, except for Rosie who stood there cornered.

"Are you putting it on Instagram, Marigold?" asked Holly.

"Well it depends," I glared at Rosie. "Whether we get that necklace or not."