Chapter 18

"I have an idea," said Holly.

"You have an idea?" Violet asked, surprised. "No way."

"Yeah," said Holly. "Let's pretend to hook up Rosie and Dylan."

"What do you mean by 'pretend'?" I asked.

"Let's pretend to be nice to her and tell her we've got a surprise date with Dylan," said Holly. "Only to stand her up."

"How do you suppose we do that?" asked Violet.

"She doesn't trust us right now," I said.

"Well, if we just apologize to her and Jazzy, I think we could bring her back," said Holly.

"I can't believe I'm saying this," I said. "But I think you're on to something."

"Really?" asked Holly.

"Yeah," I said. "Let's invite them to lunch again. Let's apologize and set it all up for her. Or pretend to. We need her to trust us for this to work."

"Right," said Holly.

Today was a skirt day, which seemed like every other day. I had my hair in pigtails and long socks going up my legs. Our skirts were tiny, as usual. Violet wore her fishnet tights under her skirt, as if it was another one of her typical iParty styles. I had changed into a flowy blue skirt, and of course Holly was drenched in pink. We were in the bathroom, putting on makeup and eyeliner, just like we did every morning.

Lunch came and we found ourselves at our table once again, looking out over at Jazzy and Rosie who sat with the Goodie Goodies.

"Alright, you wanna ask them?" asked Holly.

"Yeah, let's go," I said. "Violet, you can stay at the table, right? No offense, but you're too creepy to influence anyone to come and sit with us. We don't need your help."

"Thanks, Marigold," said Violet sarcastically. "Because I really needed you to remind me I'm a creep again."

"Glad you understand that," I smiled back. "C'mon, Holly. Let's get them back."

We walked up to the Goodie Goodie table.

"Well, if it isn't Marigold Lavender and Holly Blossom," said Lydia. Her lips curled as she spoke. "What a pleasure."

"If it isn't Lydia Swanson," I said. "I can't stop laughing at how gay your business suit looks. It's like you're trying to act like your friend Lesbie here. You two should go and have a date together."

"Or you can fuck a tree like you've always wanted to, tree hugger," said Holly.

"You're too funny, Marigold," said Lydia.

"I know I am," I said. "But I'm not actually here for you. Or for small talk. Holly and I came to talk to Jazzy and Rosie. We came to get our friends back."

"Yeah, we came for them, not you," said Holly, shouting back.

"Well you can't have them," said Lydia. "Look, there's more of us than you now."

"You're so funny, Lydia," I said. "If we wanted more friends in our group, I could get anyone. You know how many girls want to join GLAM? Oh yeah, you would know, you tried."

Holly stuck her tongue out at Lydia and spit.

"Whatever," said Lydia.

"But you're so cool," I said. "You've got a pet whale and a gay best friend. That's the best you can do?"

"Lydia, let me punch her in the face," said Lesbie. "I'm going to give her a black eye."

"Holly, you better watch out," I said. "They're angry, and Polly may just roll over and flatten you if you aren't careful."

"Oh, her fatness," said Holly. "I'm thinking about it right now and it's making me sick."

"I hate you so much, Marigold," said Lydia. "I want to tear your fucking face apart."

"Then do it, bitch," I said. "You know if you lay one hand on me, I'll ruin you for eternity. I'll make your life a living hell that's so bad that the actual hell would seem like a pretty nice place."

She didn't say anything back. She knew better than to mess with me.

"So, Jazzy," I said, looking up at her and then to Rosie. "Rosie? Can you come sit with us? We need to talk."

"But you kicked us out," said Jazzy. "You didn't want us and you were mean to us."

"Look, I'm sorry," I said. "We're sorry. We just were not in a good mood that day. We really like you two. Jazzy, you're brave to fuck five guys in one week and Rosie, you're stylish."

"But you also tried to get us in trouble with the necklace," said Rosie. "How could you do that?"

"Look, we're sorry," I said. "I wasn't sure where to put it. I panicked when I knew I had it. We were still mad at you for leaving us. It was a sudden decision, you've got to understand. Please…"

"Well, I suppose we could try to make it work," said Rosie. "After all, Jesus teaches us about forgiveness."

"Yeah, yeah, we love Jesus," I said, rolling my eyes. "I still can't believe you're hooked on Jesus. We need to work on that."

"I have to admit," said Jazzy. "Sitting here is kind of boring… no offense Lydia and co."

"You're going back to the dark side?" pleaded Lydia. "Don't leave us."

"Look," said Jazzy, hugging Holly and I. "These are our friends. As much as I was mad at Marigold, I love her. I stand by her. And no offense, but the only reason Rosie and I sat here was to get Marigold's attention."

"Ugh, fine," said Lydia. "Get out of here already. We don't need any wannabes."

"Well you can always hug your trees if you feel sad," said Holly. "They'll make some good friends for you."

Lydia shot her a mean look.

"Well, we better get going," I said. "See you bitches later."

We turned and head back to our table. I saw in the corner of my eyes Rosie going over to Lydia and telling her something, probably how sorry she was that she was leaving, or maybe she was thanking her for her time at the table. I don't know exactly what it was, but I knew it was some gooey gooey shit that just wasn't necessary. Rosie was still way too nice. As beautiful as she was, she didn't have a backbone and she would friend anyone, no matter what. She might have the beauty, the fashion, and the charisma to be a GLAM girl, but she didn't have an ounce of bitchiness inside her. Every girl needs at least a bit of bitchiness if she ever wants to succeed, especially if she intends to be popular. We still needed to work on Rosie a bit because she just wasn't a complete GLAM girl just yet.

"You got them back?" asked Violet.

"No thanks to you," I said. "But yes, they're here."

So there we were. The five of us together again, sitting at our lunch table.

"So, what did you do with the necklace?" asked Rosie.

"We flushed it down the toilet," said Violet. "Pretty cool, huh?"

"You didn't think to return it?" asked Rosie. "It's a federal crime."

I was going to yell out "you're a federal crime," but knowing we just got reunited, I didn't want to blow our relationship before we just started to build it back up again. But honestly, her niceness and "do what's right" attitude made her stupid. I think it made her stupider than Holly.

"Just like when we put it in your locker," I said, "we weren't sure what to do. We had to think fast."

"True," said Rosie.

"We're so bad, aren't we?" said Violet.

"Yeah, but I'm beginning to like this 'bad' vibe," said Jazzy. "When I fucked those guys, it felt really really good."

"Yeah, you go Jazzy," I said. "Bring it. Now we just need to work on Rosie."

"Uh, what?" said a confused Rosie.

"Don't worry about it," I said. "You'll lose your innocence eventually. Enjoy it while it lasts for now."

"Okay…?" said Rosie.

"You know, we should change our name," said Violet. "GLAM is so… so Middle School. We need a darker name."

"Of course you'd say that," I said. "But you're kind of right."

"What kind of name?" asked Jazzy.

"Something that's nice with a hint of darkness mixed in," Violet said. "Like, you know, an oxymoron."

"You're calling us morons?" asked Holly.

"Holly, you're the only moron," I said. "Violet, what do you know about oxymorons?"

"I don't know…" said Violet. "I just think we need a darker name."

"How about 'The Bitches'?" asked Holly.

"'The Bitches?'" I asked. "That's like so overused. And it sounds like we're a bunch of sluts."

"Well maybe we add something to it," said Violet. "Remember when Lydia said you had a prissy face?"

"She says a lot of things," I said. "I don't always listen."

"Well, she said you looked like you had a prissy face," said Violet. "Because you have a way of smiling and looking nice, but deep down inside you are evil."

"I'm not sure what you're getting at?" I asked.

"How about 'The Prissy Faced Bitches'?" asked Violet. "That could be our name. You know, because we look so beautiful and innocent, but we're really just a bunch of bitches. It would get us a lot more attention than 'GLAM'."

"Sounds simple yet sophisticated," I said. "I like it."

"Me too," said Holly. "Prissy faced bitches… it's perfect. Jazzy?"

"Yeah, I like it," said Jazzy. "How about you, Rosie?"

"I'm good with it," said Rosie. "Whatever you choose I'm okay with it."

And there goes Rosie again, acting against the whole "prissy faced bitch" concept by throwing the opinion on us. She was such a softie. That had to stop.

"So it's settled then," I said. "We're no longer GLAM. From now on, we should be called the Prissy Faced Bitches."

We put our hands in together, all five of us, and we agreed upon it. Our new name became "Prissy Faced Bitches." Everything seemed to come together that day, us bringing back Jazzy and Rosie, even if part of it was just an act. However, as you'll later notice, Holly and I weren't done with the boyfriend stealing bitch Rosie. We realized, that just like the name "Prissy Faced Bitches," all bad things start with something good. It was good that we were all reunited and happy-go-lucky, but this wouldn't last. Rosie was in for a big surprise soon enough. Holly and I were just getting started.