Chapter 21

Holly was pissed because I had a little one-time affair with her past boyfriend and I got her suspended for the whole "naked Rosie on the roof" act. Yeah, maybe it was my fault, who cares, but it happened at her home when her parents were out. Now she's in serious trouble. Like big trouble. But at least it's not me who's in trouble.

School was a lot different without Holly. I didn't have my right-hand girl when it came to fashion, but at least I had Violet. We had our make out sessions, which were becoming a daily thing now. Every morning we'd get in the stall and French kiss. Then we'd pretend to fuck each other, even though we never really did. We just liked to have fun with it.

But the biggest change was Rosie. There was something about Rosie that made her change. She didn't seem so sweet, naïve, and sugary anymore. It's like ever since I humiliated her, she came back ready to fight. That's one reason why I both hated and liked Rosie. She wasn't easy to take down. Even after the whole whale tail joke, she made her thongs rise and passed them off as a fashion trend until the fad ended. Now it was all about showing herself off. In the locker room, she'd strip down to show the other girls her body, flashing for photos to be sent all around the school.

"Alright, send this one to all the guys you know in the school," said Rosie, posing in her underwear in the locker room. "Hashtag 'I look so desperate.'" To Rosie, it was all a joke. She figured if she constantly joked about herself being exposed, everyone would play along until they got bored and eventually forgot about it. She played along with them and laughed at herself, like her insecurities were some big mistake turned into a fashion trend. Now all the girls were starting to take underwear shots, pretending they did so mistakenly (hashtag "up skirt," hashtag "exposure," hashtag "I just showed off my new underwear") because they were just the thing to model for. Rosie created fashion trends out of her embarrassing situations.

Then I saw her in the popular girl's bathroom. Both Jazzy and Violet were there as well.

"Hey, Marigold," said Rosie.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"Oh oh, Marigold's got a little temper today, huh?" she said. Violet and Jazzy giggled. Rosie's lips were covered in bright red makeup, like she was some big whore wrapped in a too tight dress.

"Okay, are you acting like this because we humiliated you in front of the entire school?" I asked. "Because this isn't the lame and wimpy Rosie I knew before."

"Me?" chided Rosie. "Of course not. You've just made me get a little tougher, Marigold. Sometimes humiliation can make you into a stronger person rather than destroy you."

"Seriously, you aren't going to go far with that look and act," I said. "I mean, it's not you."

"A little bit of jealousy, Marigold?" asked Rosie.

"I'm not jealous," I said. "Why would I be?"

"Because I just stole all your friends," smiled Rosie.

"Umm, no you didn't," I said.

"Yes I did," said Rosie. "Jazzy's on my side-"

"That's it?" I asked. "Jazzy is such a loser anyway."

Jazzy gave me a mean look.

"Yeah, well what about Holly?" asked Rosie. She changed her voice to one that sounded like she was talking to a baby. "Didn't she turn on you?"

"Yeah, but we're over that," I said. "It was nothing big. Once she comes back, we'll be best friends again."

"Oh, so that's why she called me back and asked me to go to the mall with her tonight," said Rosie. "And she didn't invite you, did she?"

She showed me the text message from Holly that asked her if she would go to the mall tonight. It was part of a long listed conversation of "sorry" and "Marigold is such a bitch."

"So what," I said. "You can have her. She's as dumb as a doornail anyway. I still have Violet."

"Well, Marigold… about that," said Violet, stepping in next to Rosie. "You broke our code of honor."

"What?" I asked.

"Rosie told me that you told her about our make-out sessions," said Violet. "Now the whole school knows. You lied to me. You told me you would keep it a secret."

"But I didn't tell anyone, I swear," I said. "She must have seen us together."

"Isn't that the same thing you told Holly when you said you didn't kiss Dylan?" asked Violet. "And Dylan confirmed that it was true. Marigold, you're such a backstabbing liar."

"Violet, I swear I didn't do it," I said. "And how can you be friends with Rosie? She told everyone about it."

"Actually, she didn't," said Rosie. "You did. See the Facebook message?"

Violet showed me the message about her and I dating. Someone had clearly used my account to send it out.

"I swear, it wasn't me," I said. "Holly must have given Rosie my password. They plotted this against me."

"You know how stupid that sounds?" asked Violet. "I can't believe you anymore. You're such a fucking liar. I'm done with this."

"Violet, don't leave me," I said. "C'mon."

"Now everyone knows I'm a lesbian," said Violet. "It was supposed to be our secret and now you ruined it, you bitch."

"Violet, no," I said.

"Well, Marigold," said Rosie. "Looks like we win and you lose. Now you can go sit at the reject table. Buh bye." Rosie made a little sinister wave with her hands and turned around to leave. Violet and Jazzy followed her toward the exit.

I wasn't ready to let them leave. I dropped my books and ran straight at Rosie's back. I grabbed her dress and tore the back off, then took her down to the floor and hit her repeatedly. She screamed and yelled.

"Marigold, what the fuck are you doing?" asked Violet, pulling me away. "Leave her alone."

Jazzy had also grabbed me and pulled me away. "What is your problem?" she asked.

The two of them had me. I couldn't get away.

"My dress… it's ruined," cried Rosie. "What the-."

"It's okay, Rosie," said Jazzy. "I have some extra clothes you can borrow."

"Get this psychopath bitch away from me," said Rosie.

I couldn't move. Violet and Jazzy held me down. I tried kicking my way out, but they were at my side as they held my arms down. My kicks couldn't reach them.

"Get off of me, bitches," I yelled at both of them. "Let me go before I fucking rip your faces off."

Rosie left the bathroom while the other two held me down. Finally, they let me go and ran out. I followed them but they were too fast for me to catch them. But they did enough to piss me off. I kicked the stall and ran the toilet paper all the way out of the dispenser and all around the bathroom. I let the sinks run until they flooded the floor and scribbled makeup all over the mirror. I wasn't sure why I did any of this, other than the fact that I was furious. I was mad at everything that happened that day and mad that they all turned against me.

I looked at myself in the mirror. My strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and my face full of freckles. I was beautiful. What did I ever do to deserve this? I wasn't quite sure myself, but friends or no friends, I wasn't going to let them get off so easily. I would destroy them, every last one of them who turned against me, especially that Rosie.

After all, every rose has its thorn.