Chapter 9

"Oh, hi," I said as I opened the door. It was Friday after school. Rosie stood there with her stupid sheepish smile in her floral dress, red slippers, and long striped socks. She looked like she was five. Her dress looked like an aftermath of tossed salad Picasso threw up. In her hands was a sleeping bag and a bag of clothes.

"Hey," said Rosie.

"Come in," I said.

"Wow," said Rosie. "You have a really really nice house. We didn't have houses like this in Ireland."

"It's nothing," I said. "C'mon, I'll introduce you to my family."

Rosie followed me into the living room. My parents and my younger brother were watching some stupid reality show, except my brother was playing his Nintendo DS while watching on the coach. My two other sisters were upstairs, likely trying to join my friends in my room.

"Mom, dad," I said. "This is my friend Rosie. She just moved here from Ireland. She's coming to the mall with us and sleeping over."

"Hi, Rosie," said my mother. "Marigold told us she had a new friend coming. Nice to meet you."

"Please feel welcomed," said my dad. "If you need anything at all, we're here."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Lavender," said Rosie.

"Dad, Rosie's into learning all about American fashion," I said. "Maybe you could tell her a bit about our fashion business. I bet she'd love to hear about it sometime."

"Is that right?" asked my dad.

"Really?" asked Rosie.

"Yeah," I said. "Maybe some time you can both talk. But we better get going. The girls are waiting for us."

"Okay, you have fun now," said my dad. "And remember, Marigold, no big payments at the mall, okay? Money doesn't grow on trees."

"Got it, dad," I said. "C'mon, Rosie, I'll show you my room."

Rosie followed me up two flights of stairs and into my room, which was a big fashion museum with a clothes closet the size of an average college dorm. I had my own master bathroom, and my own Jacuzzi, and my window overlooked our pool outside. All around my room walls were posters of hot guys and pictures from Fashion Girl magazine.

"Isn't my room so awesome?" I asked, though Rosie wasn't paying any attention. She was too busy staring at my room to care.

"You're so lucky," said Rosie, staring around with her mouth gaped open. "I wish I had a room like this. I can't believe you have your own wardrobe. It's like a shopping mall inside your own house."

"Some of those clothes are worth over eight hundred dollars," I said.

"Wow," said Rosie.

Holly, Violet and Jazzy were all in my room, sitting on my bed or around it, waiting for Rosie and I to come. My sisters were there too, combing their red hair.

"Hey," said Jazzy. "Nice to see you again, Rosie." She was wearing her typical prep clothes, which consisted of American Eagle or Hollister. It was Saturday, and the memo said it was a casual dress day.

Violet still scared Rosie a bit, which wasn't surprising because she dresses like a freak. She was wearing these skin-tight zebra leggings, a black shirt with a skull on it, and her usual excess of black lipstick and eyeliner.

Holly was checking herself out in the mirror. She had on her sunglasses, a San Francisco Giants hat on her head, yoga pants, and another shirt that barely covered her. She thought she looked so cool.

I was wearing skinny jeans and a top that wasn't short enough to expose my whole belly, but wasn't long enough to completely cover me up either. I liked to keep it that way.

"Finally, she's here," said Holly. "You took forever, Rosie. You're chipping into our mall time."

"Holly, geez," I said. "You're so impatient. It's not like you're going to spend a long time at the mall anyway. All you do is spend all your money at Victoria's Secret.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," said Holly. "Can we start the limo already?"

"You have a limo?" asked Rosie.

"I have a lot of things," I said as I held my head high. "Tatiana and Annabelle, you can leave now…"

"But you have a new friend?" asked Tatiana.

"So, that doesn't mean you can just come in my room whenever you want to," I said. "This is just for me and my friends."

"Uhh, whatever," said Annabelle.

"Rosie, these are my sisters Annabelle and Tatiana," I said. "They're annoying little pests who should be leaving my room right now…"

"She's so mean," said Annabelle, combing her hair with a nasty look on her face.

"I know, right," said Tatiana, as she followed Annabelle out.

I closed my door after them. "Little sisters," I said. "They're the biggest pests this world has to offer. I wish I had a fly swatter, I'd squash them. They try stealing all of my clothes and magazines. They're so immature, it's ridiculous."

"They seemed okay," said Rosie.

"You don't know them like I do," I said.

"True," said Rosie.

"Violet, you got the wheel set up?" I asked.

"Yeah," said Violet.

"Wheel?" asked Rosie.

"Yeah," I said. "It's a special game we play called the Wheel of Gorgeous. You spin the wheel and you either get a truth, dare, or a piece of clothing. You basically have to do whatever you land on."

"Sounds like fun," said Rosie.

"Believe me, it is," I said. "As long as you land on the right options."

"Did you make this game up?" asked Rosie.

"Well, kinda," said Jazzy. "We took the options out of our memo."

"Memo?" asked Rosie.

"It's this book here," I said. "You can't read it yet, not until you play the game and win. It's like our Bible."

"That's okay," said Rosie. "I've got my Bible here, King James version."

I chuckled. "Oh Rosie, you're so hilarious," I said. "You know I didn't mean a real Bible, right?"

"Then what do you mean?"

"It's a GLAM thing," I said, "Filled with the deepest darkest secrets and fashion tips everyone is dying to find out. GLAM girls worship the memo."

"But… isn't that idolatry?" asked Rosie.

"Idolawhat?" asked Holly.

"Idolatry," said Rosie. "It's when you idolize something else besides Jesus."

"Rosie," I said. "I get that you're church happy and all, but Jesus doesn't give you sexy clothes, hot guys, and big dicks. You've got to let the devil in once and awhile to get what you want."

"You're serious?" asked Rosie.

"Duh," I said. "You get popular from the memo, not the dorky Bible."

"But the Bible is the way, the truth, and the Lord," said Rosie.

"How can you believe any of that crap anyway?" asked Violet. "What has Jesus actually done that's good? Our wardrobe does more than Jesus has ever done."

"Besides," I said. "A little fun isn't going to get you fucked. Live a little bit. If you want to be a GLAM girl, you need an edge."

"You going to spin?" asked Jazzy, staring at Rosie. "It's a tradition that new girls always spin first."

"C'mon, Rosie, don't be scared," I said.

Rosie reached for the wheel and gave it a big spin. She watched as the flower petal spinner skid through all the choices of Truth and Dare. It wasn't like the typical Truth or Dare game, that's for sure. Rosie anticipated where the marker would stop, until it finally did stop on Dare.

"Dare," I said. "I was the last spinner, so I must give you the dare. Rosie, this is your real test."

"Huh?" asked Rosie.

"I'm going to give you a dare," I said. "It will test you to see if you're a GLAM girl or not."

"Okay?" asked Rosie.

"Don't worry about it now. When the time comes, I'll let you'll know," I said. "Let's get to the mall first."

"Finally," said Holly.

The girls followed me down the stairs, out of my house, and into the limo where our driver was ready to take us to the mall.

"Wow, this is amazing," said Rosie as she entered the limo.

"It's nothing," I said. "Look, we even got television."

"Turn on MTV," said Holly.

"Can I have your attention please?" said the driver through the intercom. "Everyone in the Lavender limo must button up your seat belts. This is basic safety protocol."

"He won't leave until we put our seat belts on," I said.

"How did you?" asked Rosie. "Where did you?"

"Rosie, my parents are rich," I said as I put my sunglasses on. "Look around, you'll get used to it. Are you ready girls?"

Everyone nodded.

"Alright Mr. Jennings, please take us to the mall," I said.