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She sat in the room, hands clenched together.

Outside, the ruler was riling the crowd up. Preparing them for blood.

Her death.

Was it so much? To fight for freedom, the right of information?

The door opened. She looked up, seeing four guards. Two stood outside, while two lifted her up by her arms. She got to her feet, one clapping handcuffs on her wrists. The four surrounded her, leading her out.

"And here she is, the symbol of the wicked Rebels!"

He didn't say her name.

Or how old she was.

Or their relationship.

The doors opened, allowing the crowd to see her. Small, dressed in a red sweater and brown leggings and boots. Blonde, tied in a braid. A star, stitched in white over her heart. She was led to the stage, handcuffs being taken off.

Her eyes met with one of the Rebels, hidden as a soldier.

Run. His eyes begged. You can act fast. Jump off and run.

She silently shook her head, raising her eyes to meet the ruler. His eyes seemed to tighten.

No chains came onto her wrists.


A man stood on a stage across the plaza. He pulled out a gun, aiming it at her forehead. She closed her eyes, covering the star with her hand.

The trigger was pulled.

And Leah, fourteen years old, daughter of the ruler, died.

Okay, this takes place in a dystopian world where only a few of the population can access information, basically making the rest sheep. The Rebels are dedicated to bringing down the ruler and give everyone free access to information.