Madison plugged the cheap pair of headphones into her phone while walking home from the thrift shop and gave a smile upon hearing one of her new favorite songs.

'Thunder' by Imagine Dragons continued to play while people walked about and the sky inexplicably darkened.

"That's funny. The weatherman said it would be clear all day..."

There was a blinding flash of lightning and the ensuing roar of thunder startled Madison greatly.

She impulsively skipped to the next song and to her surprise, the storm died as fast as it had begun as intense sunlight began to shine all around.

It was then that she realized 'Sunlight' by The Magician was currently playing.

"Okay, this is getting weird..."

A crazy theory formed in her mind and she decided to test it by selecting a track of her own choice.

One of Fall Out Boy's comeback songs played as the sky darkened again and a small flame suddenly formed in her palm, much to the horror of those nearby.

Reports spread across the city a few hours later of a headphone wearing teenager running around causing all sorts of chaos, though none were successful in identifying the mysterious individual.

"Oh my God..." Noah gasped before hurriedly sitting up. He stared breathlessly at his own face in the mirror until a figure stirred beside him.

"What is it this time? Another nightmare about unicorns?" The blue eyed brunette asked as she rose and tried to straighten out her dishevelled hair.

"God, no!"

"My brother being a devil again?"

"No, even worse. A teenager who thinks she's a supervillain. Or superhero. Is there any difference?"

"So, you're saying that a complete stranger invaded your dream?"

"That's the most logical explanation. Because she definitely wasn't one of my creations..."