Lloyd would never tell, but he knew that something was going on. She would always be there sitting on the bounty, looking at the night sky. Stars would be shining, anyone could tell that it could be seen as just something to do when you couldn't fall asleep.

But he knew better.

"You okay, Meg?" he asked Megan, sitting on next to her. The light ninja didn't answer. "What are you thinking about?" he tried again. Still no answer. "You not gonna answer me?"

"I...I've been thinking about things," Megan finally answered. "Never really having an answer for most of them though."

Lloyd thought for a moment, "One of those Morro?" his friend didn't speak. "You left Jay, you didn't say why, everyone is wondering. Even I am."

Megan gave out a sigh, "I don't know why I left him, Lloyd. Nor do I want to know, though I should. Everything is just a haze in my eyes."

Looking at his friend, Lloyd gave out a smile for a moment and began to talk. "You know, you did everything to save me from him, just like everyone else. But, why should you be thinking about then?"

"Don't know," she answered him. "But I know that I shouldn't be and I am. Nothing can change the past, but we can change the future in some ways."

Lloyd laughed, "Hey, you can always stop."

"Don't me laugh," Megan smiled, hitting his shoulder lightly. "Your a idiot."

Eventually, after talking for about an hour or two, Megan finally stood up and made her way inside. Lloyd smiled knowing she would probably be out here again until those thoughts finally left. Lloyd sighed and muttered something.

"A idiot in love," Lloyd whispered to himself.