The Blackest Friday

Written by Kyonides

A story that keeps repeating
Itself as if they'd never learn
How idiotic they look at stores,
Fighting for those stupid offers.

Why do I feel so damn cocky?
It's because I'm not a mortal,
Call us sweet Greed, selfish Envy
And Fear, this will be your worst day!

"Man, you gotta go hit that guy
Over there before he steals that
Sixty four inch flat screen from you"
Envy said then while Greed hugged him.

What a real shame, that Fear got lost!
She kept stumbling on customers,
Making them feel either anxious
Or think they're missing their chances…

Hmph, we've got a visitor, pals!
Some male picked up some good shotgun,
And threatened anybody else,
Clearly Violence had helped him out.

"Don't screw it up, Fear, let him go…"
I yelled, failing to prevent him
From meeting her, later he just thought
People had become mindless zombies.

That was a messy job, but I
Could convince a patron to steal
Some small, tempting barbecue grill,
While security was too busy.

You know, it then smelled weird as if
Violence's cousin War had arrived,
Indeed he was behind the cops,
They got ready to kill that guy.

Normally I'd say it was weird
To listen to strange rumors 'bout
Such an idiot, but I suspect
Liar had some fun on his behalf.

What's your damn problem fearful friend?
Can't you see you'd not activate
Any fire alarm before noon?
Guys, let's go to the next store!