Mother's love


It is timeless endearment – Mother's love

In which she languishes and slaves with affection

For her growing family, whose needs she has placed above all,

She works in unpleasantness for delight

Knowing that she has reciprocated their love


When we push her down when things aren't done right

And belittle her with words

Whilst remaining gentle and tender

She becomes stronger, unrelenting; fiercer and crueller

But even then she will wear

Like a stone wall in the ocean

For though she wilfully becomes ornery

The resolve further breaks each time


In absence of Mother's quiet presence

There is deafening silence

We are but worthless gold and growing smaller with each passing second

With only self-love and appreciation


She carries a different kind of love than us, a priceless indubitable one

Though that may become conditional

As you will see when sharp words are exchanged

But know that it is only out of Mother's love when she says cruel things

Her kind of love is different to ours; it's not one you see very often

It is Mother's love.

A/N: I promised crappy poetry so here it is. Now excuse me while I go stress over my calculus homework.