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About the Rama Empire novels:

The Rama Empire is a group of lands in a world created by G. Talmont and the novels feature stories of the Ramas' history and the evolution of their culture and their kingdoms. They lay within the world of Convergera.

The Silversmith is the second published story within the collection, which can all be read as stand alones, taking place several centuries before Ashes of the Ylan

The Silversmith covers events from the years 435-439 post Craft Plague. (Not including the story's Prologue and Epilogue)

The Silversmith by G. Talmont

When the Emperor wishes to give a gift to his new bride, he sends for the best Silversmith in all of Torge - The one known as the Sword Smith's Daughter - to forge a crown for the future Empress.

Ulenna never expected to leave the town of Kelvilde, and certainly not to be summoned to Enshal, the Capital of the Rama Empire, by a Bard. On her way to the royal city of Enshir, she is joined by several others, and her company soon consists of a Court-appointed Bard, a Molterain Trickster, A Remish Knight and a Herbalist of unknown origins. Ulenna herself is not without secrets and trouble soon finds the travelers.

To my readers:

This book is for those who practice their craft every day,

be it writing, drawing, singing, or any other art beneath this sky,

for the world is yours to shape.