It starts with one;

A single impulse

That buzzes its neighbors.

A single spark

That spits, reaching for its

Dry, lifeless companions.

The electricity, the energy, the life

Travels from one member to another,

And shouting, they pass it on.

It grows,

And grows,

And grows and grows;

An irrepressible wildfire

Roaring, free from its cage.

It spreads, engulfing, consuming all function,

Leave only one need.

It becomes a community with one purpose

A tribe celebrating one ceremony:

Drums thunder


Racing, dancing steps


An energizing, invincible idea made song;

An eternal chant resounding

In the cavities of the universe

Welcoming the First Sun.

Bum-Thump Bum-Thump Bum-Thump.

As comrades unite, rising with vigor,

Life pours from the epicenter

In gushing, red rivers.