Hi! Its me, Monkey22!

This story, My Dad is a Monster is based on a movie that me and my cousins wanted to make one day.

(It didn't work out)

But! Here I am today making a script for My Dad is a Monster!


Ryan Pultianno: A 10 year old boy who is very obsessed with video games.

Maddie Pultianno: Ryan's 9 year old sister who likes to dance... a lot.

Greg Pultianno: The dad who is just a bit weird.

Catie Reno: The Pultianno's neighbor.

Annie Reno: The mom of Catie Reno.

Frank Reno: The dad of Catie Reno.

Act 1 Scene 1

*Blank stage just Ryan and Maddie*

Ryan: So, it was just a normal day and of course Maddie was bugging me to make up a dance with her. Uh! Oh, and I'm Ryan by the way!

Maddie: Hupty dupty doo! I'm Ryan. Oh yeah, and what do you MEAN bugging!? Dancing is fun and NO it was NOT a normal day.

Ryan: Alright! Calm down. I was just about to tell them the real story of the day, or should I say... the weekend?

Maddie: Well, I wanted to tell it, but I guess you could start it off.

*Kitchen set and Greg come on*

Ryan: So we were outside NOT making up a dance.

Maddie: Whatever...

Ryan: And our dad called us in for lunch. Now our mom was on a business trip for the weekend and that meant that Dad had to make us food. You know how that goes. So we got in and we saw our dad going through the pantry looking for something to cook.

Greg: Cheese O' Floof!

Ryan: Yup! That's exactly what he was yelling. The he said'

Greg: AHA!

Ryan: And he pulled out a can of pinto beans. Pinto bean? I mean, really?

Maddie: It's really annoying.

Ryan: Yeah, well, anyway, he took out a can of pinto beans and... well, you'll see.

*The kids go out to sit at the counter*

Maddie: So Dad, do you know what to do with the Pinto Beans?

Greg: Uh, I think so... *Scanning the can for directions* Uhhh... here it is!

Ryan: So what do you do?

Greg: Don't worry guys! It's already cooked! You'll enjoy it cold.

Ryan and Maddie: Ew...

Ryan: Are you sure that stuff is edible?

Maddie: Ya, what's up with that color? It's so... brown.

Greg: You know what? There is another can so I will show you guys that It's ok to eat pinto beans.

Maddie: Dad, don't do it.

Greg: Guys! It's okay!

*Lights only on Ryan and Maddy. The rest of the stage is black*

Ryan: Okay, so now before I get any further in the story I want to..

Maddie: We want to make sure that you know all of this is fake.

Ryan: Hey! You interrupted me! Whatever... Yes, our dad eats the beans and yes there are...

Maddie: Consequences?

Ryan: Yes, consequences...